5 places to cool down with Japanese shaved ice desserts


February 10, 2017 | BY Jessica Liew

All hail the ice queens that have induced a most delectable blizzard among the local Instagram community.

There’s no fault in craving something icy and sweet whenever you step out into the scorching equatorial heat. Malaysians are always on the hunt for cold treats, the more innovative they are, the more alluring (Insta-worthy is a bonus).

A heap of soft powder that’s gratifyingly chilly and naturally sweet, Japanese shaved ice desserts, known as kakigōri in its homeland, have worked up a storm among food hunters and trendsetters. They’ve made quite an entrance through these five outlets: 

 Tsujiri edit tsujiri 15823342_898037573666020_3821541401728055131_n.jpg (original size)

With its origins dating back to 1860, the Japanese tea dessert institution has wowed locals with a lineup of uji tea signatures. But it’s the magnificent shaved ice selections that draw gasps, like the magnificent Sunrise uji and Sunset uji desserts, made from premium matcha and brown sugar syrup. Head to their website for more eye candy.  

Kakigōri edit kakigori 15193486_1352128591510201_2973850952745400513_n.jpg (original size)After eating all the best kakigōri in Tokyo, the Beh siblings – who founded Thirdwave café – began a process of experimentation that led to the launch of Kakigōri. The picture-perfect venue is an oasis for dessert lovers clamouring for flavours like uji matcha with warabi mocha, red beans and kinako milk, Hojicha with candied chestnut and kinako milk, and Japanese pumpkin with burnt caramel and pumpkin seeds. You’ll want to keep track here on limited edition series. 

 Nippori edit nippori 15727231_1633592010276865_2093547248496275643_n.jpg (original size)

This authentic Japanese home cooking concept serves more than wholesome set meals and dishes. On the dessert menu, you’ll find choices of homemade fluffy, shaved ice in various flavours like an uji matcha kakigōri topped with house-made milk-espuma and a decadent chocolate strawberry offering. Beat the heat by bounding over to their page

 Mykori edit mykori 14976921_746133718868327_5674400581792973733_o.jpg (original size)

For shaved ice that looks photogenic from all angles as they are in flavours, Mykori ticks all the boxes with towering visions like the strawberry cheesecake with fresh strawberries, graham cracker crumbs and whipped cream, melon kakigōri with rock melon balls and scatters of aloe vera, and the matcha adzuki with vanilla ice cream, red bean and green tea sauce. Click here for sugar rush central. 

  Softsrve edit softsrve 16113083_758182477683268_2736003864545970263_o.jpg (original size)

We’d brave the brainfreeze at this innovative ice cream parlour over and over again. Softsrve coolly adds to its portfolio four premium shaved ice desserts, which include the classic matcha, creamy hojicha and a fruity strawberry. Be mesmerised with the ice here

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