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Drinks The Bar Hop: Coppersmith

The Bar Hop: Coppersmith

The Bar Hop: Coppersmith
By Daween Maan
September 21, 2016
An eye for precision created the beautiful copper adorned bar, but also contributed to the catalogue of cocktails that should make Coppersmith the next stop on your bar hop.


If I was being an honest man, I would say that there are at least eight reasons to spend an evening at Troika Sky DiningFuego, the view, Claret, the view, Cantaloupe, the view, Strato and obviously, the view. Now, to those eight reasons we can now add two more – Coppersmith and, the view.

Troika Sky Dining may well be one of KL City’s most unique places to catch a bite or get a drink, quite literally offering something different around every corner. Its popularity is even more impressive when you consider that the entire establishment is technically hidden given that the only signage visible on the ground happens to be no taller than 3 feet – proving that size doesn’t matter; unless of course you’re building a bar.


I recall visiting Cantaloupe several months ago and hearing Chef Christian Bauer’s disapproval that the Coppersmith bar, which was still under construction at the time was a few centimetres shy of the perfect height. Not only did the eye for precision create the beautiful copper adorned perfection that is the bar, but also contributed to the catalogue of cocktails that should make Coppersmith the next stop on your bar hop.

From The Smith’s Garden

From the Smith's Garden.jpg

After Mary raided the Smith’s garden for its tomatoes, this celery and vodka-based concoction may have been created as a substitute. But with ingredients like green apple juice, homemade kwai feh syrup and fresh Basil, that Bloody Mary may be the only one with regrets. The perfect drink before sundown is finished off with Szechuan foam, thyme and basil.



The Aviation is a cocktail over a century old, and the Coppersmith stays true to her roots for the most part. The gin based drink gets a personal infusion of flavour courtesy of a homemade crème de violette that is infused with lavender and clitoria flowers. To top it all off, this aviation is served with a digestible violet airplane on the side.

Banana Rama

Banana Rama.jpg

A drink that deserves seconds! This cocktail cum dessert is a brilliant marriage between banana beer and 23-year old rum. The banana beer is made by the Coppersmith himself with a recipe I managed to coerce out of him, but am unlikely to share. Close your eyes, take a sip and be transported to a tropical paradise far, far away.

Copper Fairies

Copper Fairies.jpg

This sweet, salty and coppery cocktail is guaranteed to have you fluttering like you have wings. Although the fruity concoction made with blueberry syrup, lime juice, black pepper syrup, sparkling wine and tequila is bubbly and delicious, the copper cup, copper straw and copper-ish salted caramel on top makes it an absolute delight.

With a dozen cocktails on the menu, half of them original and the other half the Smith's spin on classics, Coppersmith definitely deserves a return; mostly because you’re likely to only make it half way through the menu before blaming the altitude just won’t be believable anymore.

Coppersmith can be found on the way to Fuego at Troika Sky Dining. For more information call 03 2162 0886.


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