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Journeys The Ultimate Guide To Dining In Genting Highlands

The Ultimate Guide To Dining In Genting Highlands

By Tien Chew
October 02, 2018
Make your next visit to one of Malaysia's favourite getaway spots perfect for the palate with our handy guide. Bookmark this for quick access to a world of cuisines in one spot.

1/15 Motorino

Photo: Courtesy of Motorino

Who doesn't love pizza? New York pizza chain Motorino serves authentic Neapolitan style pies that deliver when it comes to that classic Italian taste. Order your favourite pizzas, get a bottle of wine to pair with it and you've got an easy meal win. 

2/15 The Olive

The Olive
Photo: Tien Chew/Malaysia Tatler

If you're looking for something fancy, Genting Grand's continental restaurant The Olive is known for their selection of prime cuts, recently adding premium Miyazaki beef to their menu as an additional lure for wagyu lovers.

3/15 Cafés Richard

Cafe Richard
Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

France's famous coffee roasters Cafés Richard at SkyAvenue will be your entry point to quality French fare. Specialising in coffee, tea, high tea sets and even coffee cocktails, this iconic worldwide cafe chain will provide visitors with the chance to kick up their heels and relax in Parisian style.

4/15 La Fiesta

La Fiesta
Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

If you're looking for a Spanish feast at SkyAvenue, La Fiesta will satisfy your itch with signatures such as octopus with paprika potatoes, vermouth marinated and pan-seared Iberico pork shoulder as well as nutella filled churros that go down well with a cool glass of Sangria. 

5/15 Grand Imperial London Duck

Grand Imperial London Duck
Photo: Courtesy of Grand Imperial London Duck

The Chinese classic roasted duck rice can be enjoyed at Grand Imperial London Duck, a Cantonese focused non-halal eatery specialising in dishes such as its namesake, Hong Kong kai lan, wanton egg noodles and a small selection of dim sum. The restaurant's menu is small yet focused, so you can expect extra care put into their signatures.

6/15 Burger & Lobster

Burgers & Lobster
Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

The name says it all. London's famous Burger & Lobster chain is here at SkyAvenue for Malaysians to sink their teeth into two sinful yet delicious favourites. The restaurant is walk-in only, serving an incredibly focused menu that features burgers, lobsters and lobster rolls as the main stars.

7/15 Malaysian Food Street

Malaysian Food Street
Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

Our local cuisine is easy-to-like and incredible diverse, ensuring everyone has a personal favourite. Looking for a plate of char kway teow or chicken rice whilst shopping at SkyAvenue? Malaysian Food Street features 20 hawker outlets that showcase the best dishes from Kuching, Malacca, Ipoh, Penang and Petaling Street.

8/15 Tampopo

Tampopo Delicieux
Photo: Courtesy of Tampopo

Hearty Japanese favourites are the order of the day at Tampopo, hailing from Singapore and specialising in ramen, beef curry udon and tempura, curry rice and more. With its casual homey ambiance, it's a great place to rest up, eat up and fuel up before heading back out to continue your day.

9/15 High Line

High Line
Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

Imagine rooftop dining combined with sky dining and you've got High Line, SkyAvenue's rooftop market that allows your to enjoy the cool crisp Genting Highlands air while enjoying a variety of eats. You'll find 5 restaurants over there: High Line Fish Market, Burgers & Shots, Carnivore Corner, Jon Bing and Asian Heroes.

10/15 Kobe Gyu Takumi

Kobe Gyu Takumi
Photo: Courtesy of Kobe Gyu Takumi

Shabu-shabu, yakiniku and a whole list of Japanese cooking styles that feature kobe beef front and centre is what Kobe Gyu Takumi at Genting Grand Hotel is all about. This non-halal restaurant falls more on the premium side of the budget scale, but if you're ready to indulge this place might be just for you.

11/15 e18hteen

Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

Combining Chinese, Japanese and Western influences, e18hteen features an open kitchen concept, a chef’s table dining experience, a poolside barbecue, a gin & vodka bar and even a high tea experience, to name a few. As a bonus, the restaurant is run by a team of talented chefs to ensure the best dishes no matter what you order.

12/15 Imperial Rama

Imperial Rama
Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

Taking the best of Chinese and Thai cuisines, Imperial Rama at Maxims Hotel gives you the best of both worlds in the form of dishes like tom yum, green curry chicken or deep-fried prawns with salted egg yolk that pairs perfectly with a bowl of fluffy white rice. And if you're feeling particularly local, there's durian tempura to end the meal with.

13/15 Ltitude

Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

If you're visiting the casino and feeling famished, Ltitude at Genting Club is a nice retreat helmed by a veteran chef who specialises in French and Italian cooking. You can enjoy premium spirits with a cigar, indulge in a plate of sashimi or sushi, or even tuck into a marble 9 wagyu beef all in the same place.

14/15 Park Avenue Lounge

Park Avenue Lounge
Photo: Courtesy of Resorts World Genting

A spot made for unwinding and recharging your batteries, Park Avenue Lounge features light bites, cocktails, coffee and high tea along with live piano music. Be pampered, relax and catch up with your family and friends in a fuss-free environment. 

15/15 YG Republique

YG Republique
Photo: Courtesy of YG Republique

Korean barbecue and booze all in one spot, YG Republique (also in TREC) is half 3Geori Butcher's and half K Pub. Located at SkyAvenue, would-be diners can expect to pair premium cuts of Iberico pork with soju for a good time.


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