The Mooncake Gift Boxes That Keep On Giving


August 28, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

The Westin Kuala Lumpur offers two special gift boxes that can either play music or grow greens this Mid-Autumn Festival.

Photo: Courtesy of The Westin KL

What's better than delicious mooncakes? Delicious mooncakes that come with bluetooth speakers or a terrarium of course.

This Mid-Autumn Festival, The Westin Kuala Lumpur are releasing two special gift boxes – the Yuè mooncake gift box and the collectible Bloom gift box.

This year's selection will feature 7 different mooncakes, with favourites like lotus pandan, red bean paste, low sugar white lotus paste and more making the cut.

The-Westin-KL---YUE-Mooncake-Gift-Set-(4).jpg (original size)Yuè mooncake gift box | Photo: Courtesy of The Westin Kuala Lumpur

The Yuè gift box comes in two distinctive traditional designs that fuse traditional aesthetics with modern inspirations.

Playing on the notion of how music can bring back memories, the box itself acts as a bluetooth speaker, allowing others to listen to music and enjoy mooncakes at the same time.

The-Westin-KL---Collectible-BLOOM-Mooncake-Gift-Set-(1).jpg (original size)Westin collectibles bloom gift box | Photo: Courtesy of The Westin KL

The bloom gift box on the other hand, features a dual storage unit and a complete DIY terrarium kit with user-friendly planting instructions and mooncakes.

This will allow recipients to use the it long after the moon-shaped treats are finished, thanks to its use as a storage and decorative item.

Both gift boxes will allow customers to select up to four flavours to make up the purchase.

For more information, click here. To book your mooncake gift boxes, call 03-2773 8338 or email