Foodstagram Of The Week: @dududedoodle


June 22, 2017 | BY Tien Chew

Known for blending art and food, artist DuDu's Instagram makes us inspired to create and hungry all at the same time.

Wonder Woman ori.jpg (original size)Photo: DuDu/@dududedoodle

Instagram has a vast collection of food images, some of them good, some of them bad and some of them so amazing that we want those foods to leap out of the screen and on to our plates.

Once a week, Malaysia Tatler highlights one Instagram account whose pictures always seem to make us hungry, no matter the time of day.

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This week, we take a look at Malaysian artist DuDu, creating waves for his amazing ability to blend art and food, making us both hungry and inspired whenever we view his creative photographs.

While DuDu is known for his work with coffee art, his artistic abilities goes far beyond a cup of joe, sometimes incorporating food and natural scenery into the mix.

Scroll through his feed to be amazed



One talented individual, DuDu's Instagram account has 33.8k followers and based on his skill to delight, we're sure he won't show any signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Follow him on Instagram for more whimsical blendings of reality and art.

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