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Digest Top 5 Korean restaurants in Klang Valley

Top 5 Korean restaurants in Klang Valley

Top 5 Korean restaurants in Klang Valley
By Karmun Ng
May 12, 2015
These restaurants prove that there is more to Korean cuisine than just kimchi jigae and bibimbap.

(Editors note: These restaurants are pork-free unless stated otherwise.)

Mention Korean cuisine and one thinks immediately only of kimchi-based foods and the ubiquitous Korean barbecues. While they may be the staple, Korea has a lot of other delicacies to offer as well. 

Here's where to go to explore more of Korean fare whether in a fine, casual or novelty setting. 


5- Onsemiro.jpg -


The first Korean fine dining establishment in Malaysia, Onsemiro lives up to its title from menu to decor. Authentic Korean cuisine is the focus here, made with ingredients that are air-flown directly from Korea several times a week. Portions may be smaller compared to those you are accustomed to in other more casual establishments, but it makes up for it in taste, freshness and innovation in preparation. The chef is generous with his seafood, which makes up a big portion of the menu, best illustrated with the Pollack stew and Korean-style oyster pancake. 


3- Da On Fine Korean Cuisine.jpg -

Da On Fine Korean Cuisine 

Da On has a nice mix of Korean fine dining dishes for occasions when you're feeling fancy, and also casual barbecue sets and ala carte menus for when you feel like letting your hair down. Set in a true traditional Korean setting, a meal here transports one right into Korea. The feeling is further reinforced by its soups, noodles and rice dishes, all made with ingredients and spices imported all the way from Korea and nothing less. An impressive list of Korean rice, potato and fruit wines is also available to go with your food.


4- Palsaik.jpg -

Palsaik Korean Barbecue (non-halal)

Known for its pork belly prepared in as many as 8 different ways, this restaurant located on the quieter side of Solaris Mont Kiara has outlasted many Korean restaurants of the place and emerged a champion in many a reviewer's book. One comes here for the pork and pork only, that comes marinated in favourite styles like garlic, herb and soy bean paste, and also the more unconventional like wine, pine needles sauce and ginseng. Its clean and modern facade also sets a calming ambience while you eat, with efficient ventilation, so you don't emerge smelling like marinated meat yourself.


2- 227178_313286435443197_1425790768_n copy.jpg -

Jung Won Barbecue Restaurant

Be ready to be transported back in time to imperial Korea upon stepping foot into Jung Won -- wooden pavillions built among water lily ponds and stone pathways let you eat your favourite Korean food like a member of the royal family. This is no place for vegetarians as almost the entire menu boasts of beef, chicken, seafood and more. Signature Korean dishes are all there on the list as well as more fusion delights like grilled salmon fillet and steaks.


3- 8A04BE9E-5F24-4847-9014-9E3ABE21360D copy.jpg -

Pyongyang Koryo Restaurant (non-halal)

It is safe to say all Korean food you've tried in and around town thus far hails from South Korea. For a taste of North Korean food, Pyongyang Koryo is the one and only North Korean restaurant in the country. North Korean food is milder in spices and focuses more in stir-fries and steamed food. You're more likely to find dumplings, casseroles and rice dishes here than a full-blown barbecue, although that is also available but with the meats marinated with less intense spices. A big attraction here that stands it apart from other Korean restaurants is its intermittent traditional performances, executed by dancers in traditional Korean outfits. 




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