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Digest Top 5 new healthy food delivery services in Klang Valley

Top 5 new healthy food delivery services in Klang Valley

Top 5 new healthy food delivery services in Klang Valley
By Karmun Ng
January 13, 2015
Start the new year by treating your body right -- these places will help you plan those healthier meals for a healthier you and deliver them right to your doorstep.

If one of your new year resolutions for this year is to eat healthier and treat your body better, you're in luck! 

After bursting into the F&B scene middle of last year, the whole clean-eating trend looks to be one to stay. Far from dying off, more places have sprouted to cater to the increasing demand for easy, clean, and nutritious meals while on the go. 

Whether you're new to this and just getting started or are looking for variety to add to your favourite clean-eating establishments, here we have 5 new ones that will help keep the tummy trim and tastebuds happy. 

1- Healthy Ever After.jpg -

Healthy Ever After

Healthy Ever After is the brain-child of Datin Dian Lee who started the service out of her own passion for food and frustration at the lack of clean, healthy meals in the city when she needs it. It caters meal plans for 1, 3, or 5 days, during which 3 meals a day will be delivered to you. Wholly organic and meat-free with zero preservatives as well as no artificial sugars and genetically-modified ingredients, most of the items on the menu are Datin Dian's personal favourites so you can be assured of meals that are tasty as they are healthy. Its bestsellers include overnight oats with innovative recipes like quinoa and coconut milk among others and its guilt-free meatball spaghetti made of 100% plant-based ingredients. 

5- The Naked Lunch Box.jpg -

The Naked Lunch Box

The Naked Lunch Box serves meals that are clean right down to its packaging. Its meals that focus on whole foods and fresh ingredients come served in bio-degradable boxes so you give Mother Nature as well as your own body a break. The only downside is perhaps the fact that it delivers only on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays but that is totally made up for by its menu that is revamped and refreshed on a monthly basis. We love it that we can also opt for raw, vegan or paleo options with our meals but be sure to hurry and place your orders before the start of every week as it only prepares a certain amount every week and sells out immensely fast.


2- Epic Fit Meals Co.jpg -

Epic Fit Meals Co

Unlike most other delivery services that require you to place your order up to a week in advance, Epic Fit Meals Co allows on-demand order with preparation time of only as short as 30-45 minutes. What you get are meals that are freshly put-together like chicken wraps and Thai salads to piping hot fresh-out-the-oven fish and chips and pizza. It also offers an impressive array of sides and home-made cold-pressed juices to ensure your meal is a complete and satisfying one so the munchies wil be kept well at bay in between meals.


4- Chopstick Diner.jpg -

Chopstick Diner

Chopstick Diner has on its menu a pretty limited option of no more than 10 meals, but its food packs a punch in flavour and comes in respectable portions. One of our favourite aspects is its allowance for a half-half menu, with which we can take our pick of our preferred main to go with a side of Vietnamese spring rolls to keep things exciting. For those a little more hardworking, it also boasts quite the comprehensive list of easy DIY recipes so you can whip up your own delicious healthy snack at home. 


3- The Rebellious Chick Pea.jpg -

The Rebellious Chick Pea

Lovers of Asian food will love what The Rebellious Chick Pea has to offer. Healthy and clean eating isn't limited to salads and wraps -- The Rebellious Chick Pea serves up tantalising ayam kampung, succulent seafood stews, wasabi spinach pastas with a kick and more. It doesn't believe in holding back the good stuff; rather it just trims the fat, oil and salt in local favourites so you can still enjoy your comfort food without the guilt.




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