Top 5 online dessert stores for a hassle-free Christmas


December 17, 2014 | BY Karmun Ng

Your Christmas desserts are now just a mouse click away at these sites that will deliver right to your door.

(UPDATED: 17th December 2014)


The Internet is the way of the future, they say, and that is true even in the food and beverage industry. especially for festive seasons. Now, online shopping has extended to cakes and sweets for those looking to have a hassle-free party this Christmas.. 

That's right, if you're in need of a cake or puddings or an impromptu Christmas luncheon, these online stores will have you covered, all in a click of the mouse away. The best thing isn't even that they deliver right to your doorstep; most of their cakes are home-made using only the best quality ingredients and baked with love, too.

8- That Last Slice.jpg -

That Last Slice
Aishah Nordin, the founder and baker behind That Last Slice, is out on a mission to make the world a happier place, one cake at a time. Graphic designer by day, baker by night, she churns out homemade sweets, desserts and her bestseller cakes that are beautiful in both aesthetics and taste. Worry not if your event falls on the weekends or a public holiday; That Last Slice delivers 7 days a week, 365 days a year, although delivery extends only to those residing in the Klang Valley.

For Christmas: Order the courtesan au chocolat, inspired by the movie The Grand Budapest Hotel - a stack of three chocolate-filled profiteroles frosted in colourful hues - to impress your guests. Puffy pastries with sweet and creamy sauce always make a great addition to the Christmas dinner table. (


9- Humble Beginnings.jpg -

Humble Beginnings
Light, fluffy mille crepe cake won everyone's hearts over since it first burst into the scene. The pioneer of the sweet sensation that sees thin crepe layered with cream and your fruit of choice is none other than Humble Beginnings, who was among the first to introduce the first-of-its-kind dessert and with its e-store, you can be one of the first to get to taste new flavours they come up with on a monthly basis, and of course, avoid imminent queue at every Humble Beginnings store. 

For Christmas: Get in the Christmas mood with a berry based mille crepe and for this season, try the Raspberry Cheese Yogurt Mille Crepe. Zesty berries complemented with cream cheese and yogurt filling illustrates a perfect Christmas of white snow and mistletoe. (


1- Sweet Montage.jpg - 

Sweet Montage
If cakes and pies are too heavy for your taste and ice-cream and sorbets too light, pudding falls right in the middle of the two, providing an equally satisfying sweetness to the end of your meal. Sweet Montage offers hand-made soft pudding that are without any colouring, preservatives and flavourings, prepared in authentic Japanese style. Dressed in quaint mason jars and, the sweet pudding comes in delectable flavours like gula melaka, black sesame and chocolate banana among others will make a beautiful addition to festive celebration.

For Christmas: This year, Sweet Montage has prepared a special Christmas treat to its loyal fans - vanilla infused pudding with mixed berries compote. Imagine a cooling smooth and creamy classic pudding added with the tangy sweetness after a hearty Christmas dinner - truly a heart-melting way to end the festivities. (


4- Baked KL.jpg -

Baked KL
Here's the perfect chance for you to indulge in your sweet-tooth and do your part for charity. Baked KL isn't only known for their delicious brownies, cookies and whoopie pies, they are also renowned for their philantropic efforts as well. 10% from total sales go to charity every two months under its Baked Foundation: Baking for a Cause effort. We highly recommend its Chippanzee whoopie pie, that sees cream cheese sandwiched between banana chocolate chip pastry that is creamy, chewy and chocolatey all at once.

For Christmas: Order the Brown Cow brownies for your coming Christmas party to indulge in moist, crumbly, sinful dark choc and cream chese brownie. Plus, this month, every Baked KL order you make, the store will contribute 10% of its sales to Red Bubbles, an organisation that delivers your gift of smiles and laughter to seriously ill children in hospital. (


3- Crossroads Cheesecakes.jpg -

Crossroads Cheesecakes
Like its name suggests, Crossroads Cheesecakes specialises in cheesecakes of all kinds and flavours, made with pure Philadelphia cream cheese, but it also offers a variety of fine gourmet desserts upon request. Its menu boasts an impressive 16 flavours of cheesecakes including Oreo, blueberry, butterscotch, maple walnut and cappuccino. Crossroads also delivers to most parts of Klang Valley as well as Penang and Johor. If you have a strict dietary requirements, just let it be known in your order and you'll have your cake done just the right way.

For Christmas: Need something to go in theme of the red and white Christmas party in the coming weeks? Then, the Rocky Red Planet cheesecake from Crossroads Cheesecakes is worth paying attention to. Made with Mars bar toppings with toffee and chocolate fudge drizzle, this cheesecake just screams Christmas for everyone. (

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