Top 5 unique mooncakes for 2014, part 2


August 12, 2014 | BY Karmun Ng

From red tea-infused mooncakes from TWG to one with honey grapefruit from Tai Thong, this year's mooncake flavours are getting increasingly interesting.

(Editor's note: The mooncakes from the establishments mentioned are non-Halal unless stated otherwise)

In conjunction with the nearing approach of the Mid-Autumn Festival on September 8, mooncakes galore can be spotted at hotels and restaurants everywhere as everyone gets ready for the big day. Last week, we took a look at some of the most unique mooncakes in terms of flavour and packaging combined. Turns out, we found more than 5 that deserve a mention so we're premiering 5 more this week. 

From red tea-infused mooncakes from TWG to one with honey grapefruit from Tai Thong, these 5 also should not be given a miss. One thing's for sure, this year's mooncakes are getting increasingly interesting.

 4- 2014 Mooncake New Flavours2.jpg - Tai Thong mooncakes

Tai Thong

A resident name when it come to mooncakes, Tai Thong has been in the business for decades, long before the demand for novelty modern fusion mooncakes came about. To keep up with times, Tai Thong has also premiered its own line of modern recipe mooncakes on top of its traditional bestsellers. One that we highly recommend is the Honey Grapefruit and Mixed Nuts mooncake that is paired with dried fruits, winter melon, almonds and sesame seeds. Refreshing and tangy, it makes for a nice change from the rich sweetness commonly associated with mooncakes. Other flavours worth trying out is its Dragon Fruit and Coconut Single Yolk mooncake or the durian mooncakes, featuring three variations – Musang King, D24 and Red Prawn. (+603 5636 1266)

(The above paragraph was edited (14/8/2014) with the new Tai Thong mooncakes flavours. Previous flavours mentioned including Limau Manis are no longer available.)

4- TWG Tea Traditional Mooncake - Red Lantern Tea Collection (2) copy.jpg -

TWG Tea (Halal)

As much as TWG Tea is perhaps not a name commonly associated with mooncakes, it has nonetheless premiered a line of mooncakes infused with its bestselling teas. Called The Red Lantern Tea Mooncake, the collection offers a variety of tea-infused snowskin and traditional treats specially for the occasion. Fragrant mixture of red and white teas, together with delightful surprises of mixed nuts such as almond, hazelnut, macadamia and pecan, lend an elegantly modern twist to TWG's mooncakes. Needless to say, they make the perfect companion to your favourite cup of TWG tea. (Available at all TWG salons and outlets)


2- InterContinental Hotel.jpg -

InterContinental Hotel, Kuala Lumpur (pork-free)

All handmade by Dim Sum Chef Lo Tian Sion, InterContinental KL's mooncakes this year come in a variety of colour that looks like it belongs in watercolour painting set. It isn't just on the aesthetic front that these mooncakes have going for them; both its traditional and snowskin variety have something new in terms of flavour to offer. Chicken floss and nuts found away into one of its baked skin mooncakes, lending a savoury note to the recipe. As for the snowskin, we highly recommend the red date paste with egg cream for something only mildly sweet but intensely creamy. Alternatively, the peanut butter snowskin with salted bean paste is fragrant to the taste from start to finish with explosive nutty scents heightened by the brine of the salted beans. (+60 3 2161 1111)


3- Renaissance Hotel copy.jpg -

Renaissance Hotel (pork-free)

Lotus, red bean, even durian is staple paste for mooncakes these days. Less heard of is pumpkin, as used by Renaissance Hotel in one of its offerings. If you're looking for something a little different, this pumpkin mooncake is a definite must-try with sweetness that we all know of pumpkin, wrapped in an equally soft and fluffy snow skin. Almost fruity in taste but still maintaining the classic pasty flavour, it is unlike anything we've tried yet. If you need more reason to check Renaissance Hotel's variety of mooncakes out, it has a mint snow skin mooncake, that would sit very well with fans of After 8 mint chocolate courtesy of its tingling, cool aftertaste. (+603 2162 2233)


1- Concorde Hotel.jpg -

Concorde Hotel (Halal)

Flavour-wise, the most outstanding one Concorde Hotel has on its list is a Musang King durian mooncake that would send people either running towards or away from it. But what really stands Concorde's offerings apart from others is its beautiful packaging. This year, its mooncakes come dressed in intricately hand-made lacquer lanterns, available in 5 bright hues of red, pink, green, blue and orange. A rabbit is carved into the wooden surface, decorated by other bamboo die-cut motives. For a gift that will remain in the minds and hearts of your closest associates, Concorde Hotel's will more than fulfill that criteria. (+603 2144 8750)


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