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Digest Video: Goa by Hubba Is An Oasis Of Sins & Spices

Video: Goa by Hubba Is An Oasis Of Sins & Spices

Video: Goa by Hubba Is An Oasis Of Sins & Spices
By Samantha Sowerby
By Samantha Sowerby
November 21, 2017
With celebrity chef Sapna Anand on board, Goa by Hubba gives 'the usual' Indian eateries a run for their money with new-age interpretations.

Endorsing itself as a space for ‘Sins & Spices,’ Goa by Hubba specialises in noteworthy cocktails and ‘new Indian cuisine.’ Begin with the whole roasted cauliflower and mutton floss mantao, make way for the snapper in turmeric leaves and Goan beef cutlets, and wrap up with memorable mixed drinks. Goa’s bartenders forgo the usual bitters and garnishes in favour of fennel seeds, yogurt and puffed black rice, which shine in creative concoctions such as the Spiked Mango Lassi, Pandan Pixie, Masala Mantra. The new restaurant in Bukit Bintang is spearheaded by Soul Society, one of Kuala Lumpur's longest running F&B groups.

Fun fact: Goa by Hubba is the product of a chance meeting—Michele Kwok, co-founder of Soul Society, was introduced to Chef Sapna via a pilates instructor!


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