#WeAreMalaysiaTatler: Bryan Loo of Chatime Malaysia


August 4, 2015 | BY Malaysia Tatler

The budding entrepreneur shares his views on inspiring the younger generation and getting their voice heard in the industry.

Luxury to Bryan Loo, CEO of Chatime Malaysia, is “having the opportunity to do things at your own will.”

We will what we want too here at Malaysia Tatler and for this new chapter of our story, we’ve willed a brand new layout to progress with our own new chapter.

The new site at a glance is sleek, it’s clean, it’s the epitome of beauty in simplicity. But notice we’ve changed only the detailing. It’s got a new look but we’ve retained what essentially defines us -- the people.

That aspect we will always keep because it is part of our purpose to highlight young, deserving talents like Bryan.

“Malaysia Tatler is an amazing platform for a lot of people to realise their dreams and in my case, I feel so strongly because it is a recognition platform that allows a lot more budding talents to be recognised in a good way,” he says.

Bryan is one of the many society regulars of MalaysiaTatler.com, each making up an indispensable piece of our #WeAreMalaysiaTatler puzzle.

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Photography: Zung The Photoz

Videography: Tyrone Wu 

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