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Digest Inside Eat and Cook's Omakase Mystery Box Available For Delivery

Inside Eat and Cook's Omakase Mystery Box Available For Delivery

Chef Lee plating one of his dishes
Chef Lee plating one of his dishes (Photo: Eat and Cook)
By Terence Toh
July 06, 2021
Malaysian omakase restaurant Eat and Cook creates a special delivery box combining gourmet ingredients with an element of surprise

These are uncertain times but the notion of unpredictably takes on a whole different meaning when it is a mysterious delivery from an omakase restaurant. Eat And Cook has created a special Mystery Box that delivers diners a gourmet meal; in true omakase style, you won't know what's in store until it is presented in front of you.

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Chef Lee Zhe Xi says he got the idea after he and his team decided they wanted to surprise their guests. “I always love exploring ingredients and flavours of Malaysia. The research and knowledge that my team and I have gained have helped us a lot in coming up with fun and crazy ideas such as infusing dishes by adding unexpected ingredients. I love presenting something unique to our diners and surprising them,” he says.

Whats inside the Eat and Cook Mystery Box? The contents may surprise you.
Whats inside the Eat and Cook Mystery Box? The content may surprise you

Our Mystery Box arrives without much fanfare and, with Lee's permission, here's a peek at what's inside:

  • Flame-seared Aji (Japanese horse mackerel) with scallion mayo
  • Prawn bisque with tobiko (flying fish roe) and ulam
  • Two types of scallops: in turmeric tiradillo and roasted tomato sauce
  • Cencaluk (fermented shrimp) fried chicken with acar salad
  • Grilled squid with paku salad, ulam and soy dressing
  • Eggplant in herb coconut relish
  • Gnocchi and smoked threadfin fish arancini
  • Pineapple and coconut tart

Our favourites are the scallop in a heady roasted tomato sauce and the pleasantly smoky squid.

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The contents of the Mystery Box that was delivered to us
The delicious contents of our Mystery Box

Chef Lee says to keep the mystery going, they change things up as often as possible, depending on what's available and in season at the time. The box will always contain two starches, 6 dishes and some desserts, all divided into courses.

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“We have come up with some crazy concoctions. In the first week of this promotion, we did salted fish cooked in milk and sauteed with kailan. Then there is changed to grilled eggplant with coconut herb," Lee says. 

I love experimenting with different textures, flavours and ingredients

Orders for the Mystery Box must be made at least two days in advance. Those with allergies may inform the team ahead, and the dishes will be adjusted accordingly. It's available from now until the end of the current NRP, or while stocks last.


RM250 per box (feeds 2 people)


Whatsapp +6018-9183409 or call +603-97656898

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