Mindvalley Resident Coach's Tips For Successful Goal-Setting To Conquer The Year


July 25, 2018 | BY Lily Ong

In his youth, Ipoh-born Kar Fei Cheah was shy and introverted. "I was a follower, never a leader," he reflects. That is, until he joined youth-run non-profit organisation AIESEC.

While volunteering for AIESEC, Kar Fei met a life coach who expressed an interest in cultivating his potential. "Perhaps he saw something special in me to harness," he says. While he was sceptical and unconvinced at first, Kar Fei worked with this coach for a few months as an experiment. The session changed his life.

"The experience left a deep impression on me. I wanted to pay it forward. So I applied with the Asia Pacific Institute of Coaching and never looked back," he shares.

Today, he runs Life Redesigned Co and works for Mindvalley as its resident coach and head of learning. He is also currently inducted in the Forbes Coaches Council.

From his experience coaching hundreds of people in eight years, Kar Fei has learnt a thing or two about successful goal setting. Here, he outlines five ways to craft and achieve goals aligned with your personal values.

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First, assess your reality

Before Kar Fei takes on potential clients, he schedules two complimentary sessions to evaluate their present mindset and behaviour patterns. This is achieved through self-development exercises.

“The first is the Wheel of Life, an exercise to review eight areas in a person's life like career, finance and relationships. This is to assess the balance in their lives and encourage them to prioritise the components in their lives that are of high value to them,” he explains.

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Mindvalley Resident Coach's Tips For Successful Goal-Setting To Conquer The Year
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Use three questions to shape your goals

Next, Kar Fei will task potential clients to craft their goals based on a template of three questions pioneered by his employer and mentor Vishen Lakhiani.

“The questions are: What experiences do you want to have in this lifetime? How do you want to grow? What do you want to contribute to this world? These questions are great prompts because they allow you to imagine the vivid details of your journey. Only when your goals connect with your purpose and passion, that you start feeling the shift within," he says.

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Go deeper than the surface

Upon completion of the exercises, Kar Fei steps in to help by customising coaching techniques and frameworks to help you attain your goals from step 2. To do so, he focuses on preparing your mindset for change.

“The only way to change a behaviour is to change the mindset. This means you have to dig deep into your mind and ask the hard questions so you are prepared. Why do you want these goals so much? What are your worse fears if you succeed or fail? How will achieving these goals change your lives for better or worse?” he says.

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Mindvalley Resident Coach's Tips For Successful Goal-Setting To Conquer The Year
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Detach from your emotions sometimes

While passion serves as an important tool to fuel our drive, the emotions that spark from it sometimes cloud our better judgment.

Kar Fei observes that entrepreneurs struggle to detach emotionally from their business because their livelihood—and reputation—is dependent on the success of their business.

“By default, entrepreneurs are conscious of their self-development. More often than not, they already know what to do as business owners. But their thoughts loop continuously in their heads and mess with their emotions. This is where I step in to help. My role is a sounding board so they are able to gain clarity from the process of articulating their thoughts, fears and ideas. I reflect their concerns back to them with questions that help them sift through the clutter in their minds,” he explains.

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Claim success with genuine confidence

According to Kar Fei, building a confident mindset is the secret to successful goal attainment.

By this, he does not mean "arrogance" but a healthy dose of self-assuredness that keeps you steady during the tough times in your journey.

“As humans, we are shaped from past experiences and the community around us. We develop fears or limiting beliefs that prevent us from truly going after our goals,” says Kar Fei, who adds that a bulk of his coaching work is focused on dismantling his clients' fears so they are able to build genuine self-confidence.

"When you are genuinely confident that you have what it takes to succeed, it is easier to pick yourself back up when things get rough and persevere in chasing your goals," he reveals.

Kar Fei Cheah has coached and trained young leaders at workplaces such as Procter and Gamble (P&G), IBM, Accenture and other clients. He has also trained with organisations such as MaGIC, Tandemic, and IBM in social business transformations.

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