Fave's Arzumy MD: 4 Useful Tips To Get The Most From A Reading Habit


June 20, 2018 | BY Rachel Ng

Generation T lister Arzumy MD was never a typical by-the-book student but a natural hunger for knowledge drives his inquisitive mind. As they say, learning is a lifelong journey and Arzumy takes it seriously. Here, he shares tips on how he makes the most out of his reading habit.

With 12 years of experience in the tech and engineering industry including SAYS.com and Groupon in the past, you’d think the chief technical officer of Fave and Billplz mastered it all but as the man candidly tells Tatler, he loves reading and learning simply for the sake of it.

It doesn’t just stop at that, Arzumy MD also wants to help others grow from the knowledge. He conducts mentoring and knowledge sharing sessions weekly with local startups in addition to speaking as various tech events in the SEA region.

When he’s not sharing his knowledge professionally, this bookworm shares his love for reading with his two children. Sometimes, he reads his children's books too. In fact, he has always hoped that he could have the ability to learn things faster.

“I don’t think I really need any super power but if I had to choose it’d be the ability to learn very fast like Bradley Cooper's character did in Limitless through a special pill,” he laughs.

A Systematic Approach

Arzumy conducts a systematic approach to reading. He actually has a step-by-step idea of how to best absorb the information from a book, particularly for nonfiction reading materials.

"When I’m reading a nonfiction book, I would first ask myself what do I know about this subject. If I’m not lazy, I would write it down. If I am lazy then I’ll just mentally list it down,” he says with a chuckle.

“After that I will look at the index and see if there’s a gap of things that I don’t know. So when I start to see a gap in my knowledge, I’ll use this app called Blinkist to get an insight on what the book is about. Then I start reading,” he explains.

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Need For Speed

For someone with such a busy schedule, it seems the need for speed reading is quite real. But as they say, where there’s a will, there’s a way. Arzumy tends to speed read so as to cover as many reading materials as he possibly can. To date, he’s already covered more than 22 books in the span of just three months.

“There are so many ways on how to speed read. When I read, I don’t really read per se, it’s more like I try to summarise the paragraphs. That’s how I could read much faster," he says.

Once he is done summarising, he would then look at bridging the gap between knowledge and application. He would reflect and write down on what he has read, and tallied this information with his pre-existing knowledge about this subject.

"I’ll ask myself 'Have I acknowledged this gap? Is there anything that changed after I read this book?” he rounds up this tip with these thoughts.

Sharing Is Caring

There’s always a closing chapter to every reading session and it isn’t just turning the last page or listening to the last word of an audiobook.

“The last step in reading is to teach someone what you have read in different ways. Most of the time I target random strangers or friends or even colleagues that just happen to pass by. Sometimes during  conversations I’ll share a bit about what I’ve just read,” he quips.

Nothing helps internalising new knowledge better than writing it down and sharing it with someone else. After all, sharing is caring.

Don’t Treat Reading As A Chore

While most people would treat reading as an inconvenience in a busy schedule, Arzumy finds it more of a way to relax while enriching his mind. While nonfiction is his usual go-to when it’s down to business, fiction books are always the ones he reaches for when it’s time to unwind. When he doesn't have the time, he would listen to audiobooks.


“What do I do after a long day? Read more books. Books that I love. And it should be fiction. In fact if I am driving to the office, I will listen to nonfiction. But driving back I will listen to fantasy audio books. I just love stories, it takes you to another world," concludes Arzumy at the end of our interview.

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