The Art Of Fusion: Chryseis Tan


June 7, 2017 | BY Lily Ong

Investor, businesswoman, stylish influencer and Generation T Lister Chryseis Tan shares three insights from her personal journey.

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_MG_0102.jpg (original size)Chryseis Tan is wearing the Hublot Big Bang Gold Diamonds.

Whether she is learning the ropes from her father Tan Sri Vincent Tan or overseeing her own diverse investment portfolios, Chryseis Tan has her plate full with commitments.

Her daily activities consist of crossing timezones, partaking in whirlwind trips overseas and weighing in her opinions at board meetings. “Sleep is a luxury for me,” she admits.

Despite the hectic lifestyle she leads, she arrives for our appointment looking radiant and confident. How does she do it all and still look this good? The answer—effective stress management.

“I handle stress like how I deal with jetlags; I get used to it,” says the executive director of Berjaya Assets Berhad and CEO of Berjaya Times Square calmly.

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Like social entrepreneur John-Son Oei, she believes success lies in finding the right balance between going with the flow  but knowing when to take decisive actions when the time is right.

Chryseis is the fifth Generation T Lister recognised by Hublot for her audacity in pursuing success in her family business and beyond.

Here are 3 lessons that this savvy businesswoman has learnt in her business journey so far.

  1. Know your strengths and use them to succeed
    “I am better with the big picture thinking and creativity so I focus on that in all of my businesses and investments. Plus, I am interested in strategy. Currently I am focused on the Four Seasons Hotel Kyoto project and building Goxip in South East Asia.”

  2. Invest in the right people
    “I love food, which is why it is natural for me to go into F&B. But enjoying food is not enough. That’s why I believe in hiring the right people who can run the business best. Even in my other investments like La Juiceria, I leave it to my business partners who are passionate about its daily operations.”

  3. Travel more to open up your mind to new possibilities
    “I like to travel because everywhere I go, I learn something new. I love exploring different types of food, cultures and lifestyle. From these discoveries, I think about how I can bring them back to Malaysia and South East Asia."

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Photography: Allan Casal and Shaffiq Farhan
Hair: Kay Tuan from Centro Hair Salon
Makeup: Jean Cheah and Fibiee Liew using  Decorté
Outfit: Dior
Location: Hotel Stripes Kuala Lumpur

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