The Tatler 10: Khailee Ng


November 7, 2017 | BY Lily Ong

Managing partner of 500 Startups and Gen.T lister Khailee Ng reveals how he reinvented himself and why he is on a mission to build 'weapons of mass creation'


Photo: Khailee Ng/500 Startups

What is the source of your willpower and why?

“Knowing what I am doing has real value to others."


The Tatler 10: Khailee Ng

What changes would you like to drive in our country?

“I want Malaysians to believe in themselves. Based from our big companies like Fave and Grab, I do believe that success stories of national, regional and international impact are within reach for us.”



What are your career highlights in the past two years?

“I am proud to build my company as the most active tech startup investor in SouthEast Asia. To date, we have over 120 startups invested in and counting. Out of these 120 companies invested, 40 are Malaysian.”

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The Tatler 10: Khailee Ng

How do you bring out the best of the people you work with?

“I do it by giving them a personal life vision they are excited by, and encourage them so that they feel it is achievable. It really is.”


What were the challenges you faced in the past year?

“Overworking myself. Right now, I have an integrated approach with family, fitness and relationships so that when I experience growth in these areas, it fuels my professional growth, and vice versa!"


The Tatler 10: Khailee Ng

Please share how you reinvented yourself last year on a personal level.

“I went to war with habits built over 31 years, like food, shopping, validation-seeking, and distractions from things which really mattered. I’ve shed weight, gained a body and fitness level I am proud of and even turned vegan. I have given away my things to live a minimalist life and refocused my purpose to consume less and impact more. Some of my friends thought the changes I have made were a bit extreme. But I’ve never felt better about making them."

Photo: Khailee Ng/500 Startups

Why did you choose the industry you are in now?

“I was an entrepreneur before because I have always loved building things. Investing with a venture capital fund gives me the same thrill of creation, but now in bigger businesses and markets."

The Tatler 10: Khailee Ng

What’s the one thing you are the proudest of achieving?

“I would say personal freedom—to be able to choose my work, my environment and who I surround myself with. I hope to be able to give to more people a life of options that I have.”

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If you could choose a superhuman power, what would it be and how would you use it?

“I am actually happy without any superpowers. Our limitations make life interesting.”

The Tatler 10: Khailee Ng

What legacy would you like to leave behind?

“To be honest, none for myself. My work is about the legacy of the people I help out along the way. It’s their legacy that I am supporting as a venture capitalist.”

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