10 of the best bespoked beauties from Q by Aston Martin


April 11, 2017 | BY Daween Maan

Bond gets his toys from Q, now so can you.

While some of the biggest names in the car market promise luxury straight from the showroom floor, a real connoissuer (and, you know -- super rich buyer) knows that top-of-the-line luxury comes straight from the factory floor.

Yes, you could buy an Aston Martin and would have an awesome new toy to play with, but you could call in the craftsmen at Q and have a toy that is uniquely your own.

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When the elves at Q by Aston Martin aren’t tending to requests from buyers, they are crafting away in their workshops creating new toys for people like me to drool over. So here are 10 of their bespoked beauties for your drooling pleasure:

Vanquish-S-Red-Arrows-Edition-1.jpg (original size)

Red Arrows Edition

The latest out of Q, this Vanquish S pays homage to Britain’s Royal Air Force Aerobatic Team, the Red Arrows.

Vanquish-S-Red-Arrows-Edition-2.jpg (original size)

Red Arrows Edition

Bright red and with arrows on the roof – this definitely isn’t a car for the subtle, which is a fitting match for the Red Arrows.

V12-Vantage-S-LS-1.jpg (original size)

Sports Luxury V12 Vantage S

The V12 Vantage S is one of Q’s favourite models to work with and this ‘Sports Luxury’ model is just one of their bespoked cars.

V12-Vantage-S-LS-2.jpg (original size)

Sports Luxury V12 Vantage S

The yellow accents on the outside are matched by a hand-painted yellow stripe on the inside.

V12-Vantage-S-China-Grey-1.jpg (original size)

China Grey

This V12 Vantage S gets a grey paint job while all the carbon fibre elements are tinted red.

V12-Vantage-S-China-Grey-2.jpg (original size)

China Grey

V12-Vantage-S-Volcano-1.jpg (original size)


The Volcano gives the V12 Vantage S a coat of Storm Black with a gradated Volcano Red from the bonnet to the boot.

V12-Vantage-S-Volcano-2.jpg (original size)


The Volcano red continues on the interior

Vanquish-Coupe-Mako-Blue-1.jpg (original size)

Mako Blue

While the colour of the Mako Blue Vanquish Coupe may look like the China Grey, it’s not the same, because *ahem* Q says its not.

Vanquish-Coupe-Mako-Blue-2.jpg (original size)

Mako Blue

The exterior blue is contrasted with a bright orange interior.

Vanquish-Stealth-1.jpg (original size)

Stealth Vanquish

Now we get closer to James Bond territory with this Jet Black, stealth bomber inspired beast.

Vanquish-Stealth-2.jpg (original size)

Stealth Vanquish

But it is doubtful that you could slip under the radar with this car.

Vanquish-Volante-Le-Mans-1.jpg (original size)

Le Mans Homage

This top-down Vanquish was created in homage to Aston Martin’s 1959 victory Le Mans.

Vanquish-Volante-Le-Mans-2.jpg (original size)

Le Mans Homage

Even the luggage is bespoked.

Rapide-Ming-Blue-1.jpg (original size)

Ming Blue

The only Rapide on this list, this super sedan is inspired by Ming Dynasty art and sculptures.

Rapide-Ming-Blue-2.jpg (original size)

Ming Blue

The inspired art is also stitched into the headrests, as weel as carved into the centre console.

DB9-SoCal-Lifestyle-1.jpg (original size)

SoCal Lifestyle DB9

This is the car Aston Martin wants you to drive out to the beach, if you lived in Southern California.

DB9-SoCal-Lifestyle-2.jpg (original size)

SoCal Lifestyle DB9

You would just have to drop the top and pack the picnic basket and you would be set for an outing.

CC100-1.jpg (original size)


The CC100 is the truest represenatation of exclusivity – only 2 cars were ever made, and both sold to the British carmakers loval customers.

CC100-2.jpg (original size)


The car was made to mark Aston Martin’s Centenary and may well be Q by Aston Martin’s greatest creation.

 (photos: Q by Aston Martin)

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