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Toys 10 Great SUVs For All Your Family Needs

10 Great SUVs For All Your Family Needs

10 Great SUVs For All Your Family Needs
By Tien Chew
December 04, 2018
It's safe to say that when we're in the market for a new car, our families come to mind, which brings us to the most popular family car category – SUVs. But not all family SUVs are created equal, and we're here to help you decide which SUV is the right one for you, the driver, and your family.
Photo: Courtesy of BMW


Teased in 2017, the X7 is the biggest BMW ever built, making it perfectly comfortable for mid to large sized families to enjoy every trip out. Luxury is the focus here, ensuring each one of the six seats available in this car ensures maximum comfort, while a host of security features ensures that technology aids drivers in making every on-road expedeition safe for them and their families.

Photo: Courtesy of BMW

Rear passengers can enjoy a gorgeous panoramic glass roof and LED "sky lounge", which has the ability to change colour to enhance the ambiance in the car. While the car isn't available in Malaysia yet, expect it to make a splash come 2019.

Lexus 2
Photo: Courtesy of Lexus

Lexus UX

Looking for something smaller to suit your family? The upcoming 2019 all-new Lexus UX, short for Urban Crossover, compact SUV will introduce a new member of the Lexus SUV range that boasts exceptional body rigidity with a low centre of gravity with the agility of a sport-hatch.

Photo: Courtesy of Lexus

The UX will also be the first Lexus made according to their new Global Architecture Compact platform, with the aim to make a crossover that has a nimble performance paired with excellent maneuverability. Combined with its striking exterior, watch out for this luxury SUV coming next year.

Range Rover
Photo: Courtesy of Range Rover

Range Rover Velar

Taking what you know and love about the iconic Range Rover and reimagining it in a sleek curvy form, the Velar is one of the latest models from the car maker (debuting in 2017) to look and feel incredibly modern. While its exterior and interior has all the hallmarks of contemporary design, under the metal are sophisticated technologies to allow for incredible durability and off-road capabilities. 

Range Rover 2
Photo: Courtesy of Range Rover

The medium-sized Velar is perfect for a family of three to four, fitting children and adults comfortably while having enough boot space to allow for a short getaway. 

Volvo 2
Photo: Courtesy of Volvo

Volvo XC40

It's "a small SUV that's big on innovation", or so Volvo's website says. Made for urbanites, the new XC40 is a compact SUV that features a handsomely tough yet refined exterior, a spacious interior for four and enough boot space to accomodate you and your family, even if there's a learning curve on how to smartly adjust the space to adapt your needs.

Photo: Courtesy of Volvo

The XC40 is an all-wheel drive, has 479 litres of boot space, employs state-of-the-art safety features and offers solid performance all in one.

Mercedes-AMG G 63

Sporting a dashingly rugged good look yet having a plush interior, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 is perfect for those looking for a solid all-purpose ride without comprising comfort for their family. Drivers can engage the AMG Ride Control suspension to give the car dynamic driving capabilities.

With a 585 horsepower V8 engine at its heart, the Mercedes-AMG G 63 is an off-road car that puts performance front and centre while being suitable for a medium sized family.

Photo: Courtesy of Bentley

Bentley Bentayga

If you were ever one of the people who wished for Bentley to make an SUV, then the Bentayga is made for you. Dripping in luxury from exterior to interior, with a masculine yet graceful frame, the Bentayga provides the top-of-the-line craftsmanship in an all-wheel drive package. 

Bentley 2
Photo: Courtesy of Bentley

Growing families will be happy to know that with the help of electronic seats, the Bentayga can go from being a four seator to being a five or even seven seator SUV. And when you're not ferrying your family, speed enthusiasts will be happy to know that performance hasn't taken a back seat with this car thanks to a powerful W12 engine, giving drivers a top speed of 301 km/h.

Macan 2
Photo: Courtesy of Porsche

Porsche Macan

It's not just another compact SUV, it's a compact SUV made by Porsche. Smaller than the Cayenne, resulting in a sleeker more attractive form factor for those partial to smaller SUVs, the Macan boasts a solid balance between performance and utility. Speaking of which, drivers can also install an optional ioniser in their cars for better air quality and have access to 500 litres of boot space in the back.

Photo: Courtesy of Porsche

The Macan is first and foremost a driver's car and a decent family car second. It will have no problems giving drivers a satisfying ride while providing a comfortable ride for a small family of four.

Model X 2
Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

Tesla Model X

All electric, super slick and with an architecure that gives the Model X a low centre of gravity, this environmentally-friendly future-proof family friendly SUV is currently a rare sight on Malaysian roads. But that hasn't stopped enterprising individuals from importing it. With features like a built-in HEPA filter for cleaner air as well as safety technologies like collision avoidance and automatic emergency braking besides other standard safety features, the Model X makes for a great family car.

Model X
Photo: Courtesy of Tesla

Adding to the Model X's cool factor are also rear falcon wing doors that helps make it stand out amongst a sea of SUVs.

Lamborghini 2
Photo: Courtesy of Lamborghini

Lamborghini Urus

Lamborghini announced the Urus in 2017 but it still remains an incredibly cool piece of machinery. Dubbed a super SUV thanks to its insane performance, we'll admit that the Urus is more suited to the speed freak who's looking for the utility of an SUV married with the aesthetics of a Lamborghini, but that doesn't mean it can't be still used to ferry your kids from A to B in style.

Photo: Courtesy of Lamborghini

If the idea of a Lamborghini SUV that can go from 0 to 100km/h in 3.6 seconds tickles your fancy, visit Malaysia's sole Lamborghini dealer's website.

Photo: Courtesy of Maserati
Photo: Courtesy of Maserati

Maserati Levante

The Italian sports car maker made a splash when it decided to throw its hat into the SUV ring, thus debuting the Levante in 2017, of which we took it out for a spin and found pleasing to drive. Its got looks, style and great comfort to suit a medium sized family. The car is also replete with opulent furnishings as Maserati has partnered up with famous luxury menswear Zegna to make the finest seats we've ever heard. 

Photo: Courtesy of Maserati
Photo: Courtesy of Maserati

What makes the car even better is the ability to customise the Levante to your heart's content to make sure that your Levante is uniquely different to others out there.




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