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Homes 10 Instagram Accounts That Are Giving Us Serious Plant Envy

10 Instagram Accounts That Are Giving Us Serious Plant Envy

10 Instagram Accounts That Are Giving Us Serious Plant Envy
By Tan Xi Voon
September 21, 2017

It's time to hit the follow button!

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Photo credit: Ficus & Jar's

Instagram is celebrated for many things: ridiculously cute puppies and sleeping babies; tasty new eats and stylish OOTDs.

But today, we're celebrating it for another reason altogether. Urban gardeners, rejoice! For we're bringing you 10 of the best Instagram accounts, all of which brimming with foliage and plantspiration to fawn over.

Even if your thumbs aren't quite green (i.e. you're guilty of killing every houseplant that enters your home), you'd still be happy to find these accounts pretty to look at. Surely you wouldn't want to miss out any of them on your Instagram feed.


A terrarium – or rather mossarium – expert, Singapore-based Charles Loh uses moss to create the loveliest miniature gardens in a jar, as showcased on his Instagram feed chock-full of other plant goodness.


Closer to home, local terrarium brand Ficus & Jar's enchants its Instagram followers with beautiful images – not only of its tiny creations, but the workshops it hosts.


Part terrarium maker, part miniature scale modeller, Bryan Kwan of Little Habitats gives terrariums a playful twist as he incorporates figurines and toys into some of them.


Plants against a pink wall or background is a foolproof combination, as proven by this Instagram account boasting an impressive following of 97,000.


Sepia hue and succulent theme are consistent throughout this aesthetically pleasing feed. Even better, it also features a handful of tasteful and airy interiors which we dream of moving into.


The indoor plant niche is a large one on Instagram. If you are just going to follow one account, let it be @houseplantclub which gathers some of the best indoor plant photography across the platform.


This is a photographic journal of  two UK-based photographers Magnus and India who obviously have a soft spot for plants and like to find greenery in urban spaces.


Crystal Poniente of Botanical Project captures our heart, as well as that of many other Instagrammers as she repurposes old vintage items such as rotary dial phones and typewriters into vessels for succulents and cacti.


With its minimalistic composition and refined colour palettes, @still_______ by Amsterdam-based photographer Janneke Luursema exudes a sense of serenity that is inviting.


Run by Rose and Caro, two botanical stylists and indoor plant specialists, this feed is your guide to exotic, low maintenance greenery that is full of personality.

Looking for more content to feed your Instagram addiction? You might enjoy these colourful, artsy accounts.










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