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Toys 10 Vehicles To Be A "Superhero" On Malaysian Roads

10 Vehicles To Be A "Superhero" On Malaysian Roads

By Tien Chew
September 07, 2018
Be inspired by the cars superheroes drive on the big screen, whether you want to be more like the brooding playboy billionaire Batman or the suave and calm warrior king Black Panther.
Iron Man 2
Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Iron Man

Marvel's poster child, Iron Man is one of the most iconic heroes of the publisher's epic cinematic universe. Cool, charismatic and sometimes snarky, Tony Stark has become such a likeable character on the silver screen not just because of his incredibly cool suit of armor and heroic character, but because he's the "genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist" many of us wish to be.

Iron Man 3
Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Audi R8

What does the armored avenger drive when not using his signature red and golden suit? A two-door Audi R8 sports car of course. One of the German automaker's most sought after models, the R8 has been a constant companion to Stark throughout his appearances in the Marvel movies. What's not to like? It's got a rounded and curvy likeable design, it's fast and it's approved by Iron Man himself.

Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Batman, The Dark Knight

One of DC Comics' most popular superheroes, Bruce Wayne is almost opposite in terms of personality to Tony Stark. While the two are both billionaires, geniuses and playboys, Wayne is more resolved, quiet and known for his brooding character. Despite that, "the world's greatest detective" is still popular because he relies on his wits and his mastery of martial arts to save the day.

Batman 2
Batman 2aPhoto: Courtesy of Lamborghini

Lamborghini Aventador

One of Lamborghini's most successful models, the Aventador is the car of choice for Bruce Wayne's swanky identity when not donning Batman's cowl. As seen in The Dark Knight Rises, the Aventador isn't only incredibly sleek in the design department, it's also incredibly fast, going from 0 to 100km/h in a mere 2.9 seconds. No wonder it's serving Bruce Wayne when he can't take his Batmobile for a spin.

Justice League
Photo: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Batman, Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo

While Christopher Nolan's Batman opted for sleek Lamborghinis, the current cinematic Zack Snyder version in Batman V Superman and Justice League features a more matured Bruce Wayne. More calm and collected than before but still willing to deliver the hard punches when needed, this older Batman is a better strategist, is open to delivering humourous quips and is more of a leader than anything we've ever seen before.

His car of choice? The unique and futurisitc Mercedes-Benz AMG Vision Gran Turismo. One-of-a-kind, this supercar is definitely worthy for any boss, even for someone like Batman.

Black Panther
Photo: Courtesy of Lexus

Black Panther

Relatively new to the increasingly packed superhero movie genre, Black Panther was a critical success amongst moviegoers worldwide, thanks to his noble demeanour, righteous values and overall cool factor. The king of Wakanda is also an Avenger, a formidable and beloved leader, as well as an incredible suave and calm hero.


Black Panther 2
Photo: Courtesy of Lexus

LC 500

The supercar coupé Lexus LC 500 is Black Panther's car. A custom upgraded version of the car was used by the hero in South Korea while on a reconnaisance mission in the movie, and the car's streamlined silhouette and roaring performance made sure it managed to retain some of the limelight, even when the king of Wakanda was battling baddies whilst zipping along on the roof of the car.

Black Widow 2
Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Black Widow

While she doesn't have her own movie, Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow is a highly capable hero that manages to look good while doing her job. She's tough in a fight, compassionate to her teammates and a valuable member of the Avengers team. She's also incredible agile and resourceful, making her another superhero that doesn't need superhuman strength to still be strong.

Black Widow 3
Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

In Captain America: Civil War, it isn't that titular hero that receives a sweet ride but is instead Black Widow. To suit her femme fatale personality, she gets an all-black (of course) classic American sports car in the form of a Chevrolet Corvette. It's definitely a dream ride, one that looks so good you don't even need modifications to let the car's design speak for itself.

Justice League 2
Photo: Courtesy of Mercedes-Benz

Wonder Woman, E-Class Cabriolet

DC Comics' lead female superhero Wonder Woman isn't left behind either, with the amazonian driving a E-Class Cabriolet sedan in the movie as she uses it to go and attempt to recruit Cyborg into the Justice League. Sedans can be great family cars too, and still be eco-friendly altogther.

Doctor Strange
Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Dr Strange

Gifted surgeon turned prodigical master of the mystic arts, Dr Steven Strange is no stranger to success and the luxuries that come with it. Early on in his debut movie, Dr Strange is seen wearing an elegant Jaeger-LeCoultre watch, which happens to be an item connected to the plot, and reveling in the successes his intellect, skill and fortune brings him. When he loses the ability to use his hands however, he goes on an adventure to regain his tactility but gains much more that what he sought.

Doctor Strange 2
Photo: Courtesy of Lamborghini

Lamborghini Huracán

When Dr Strange was still an actual doctor, the surgeon's vehicle of choice was a Lamborghini Huracán. A superb sportscar, the Huracán is a stylish V10 with crisp lines, premium Italian handcrafted components and a sound that will make your heart roar with excitement the moment you put the pedal to the metal. Definitely not made to cater the family like a big SUV, it is instead more of a weekend warrior.

Ant Man & The Wasp 2
Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Ant-Man & The Wasp

One is a loveable highly skilled thief and the other is a straight-laced, intelligent and determined fighter. We'll leave you to guess who's who. Unlike the other heroes on this list, Ant-Man and The Wasp is a dynamic duo that are more effective when working together than when apart.

Ant Man & The Wasp
Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

With the ability to shrink or grow at will and the need to keep out of sight from both baddies and the law, it seems only fitting that these two insect named heroes require a tough yet versatile vehicle that can blend in when in their normal get-up. Their ride of choice? The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, a commercial van that's built to withstand more than a hit or two, all while ensuring that our heroes have enough room to keep their equipment on-the-go.

Photo: Courtesy of Audi


Everybody's friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man comes back to the silver screen for a third reboot with a younger high school going Peter Parker taking up the webslinging mantle. As a result, this new Spidey is more innocent, bright-eyed and hard working to prove himself as a hero worthy of being a part of the Avengers team, eager to save the world with his compassion, superhuman strength and reflexes, as well as his signature zippy humour.

Spider-Man 2
Photo: Courtesy of Audi

Audi TTS

While Spider-Man doesn't actually need a car to traverse his hometown of New York City, web-swinging isn't always the best method of travel, especially when Spidey finds himself stuck in the suburbs and in need to jump into hero duty right away. When he seeks a car in Spider-Man: Homecoming, he "borrows" one from rival Flash Thompson that comes in the form of an Audi TTS. This sporty roadster coupé is fun to drive, features Audi's signature Quattro all-wheel drive and is agile on the road.

Guardians Of The Galaxy
Photo: Courtesy of IMDB

Ego, Guardians Of The Galaxy

While revealing himself to be a tyrannical overlord-cum-god, Star-Lord's biological father Ego starts out as a charming prophet-like wise man at the start of Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2. He is incredibly suave and smooth, to the point where he is able to pick up females from all over the galaxy with ease. As the movie primarily takes places in space and other planets that aren't Earth, Ego's time on the human homeworld saw him primarily spending his time in love with Star-Lord's mother.

Guardians Of The Galaxy 2
Photo: Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Ford Mustang King Cobra II

Who knew that a celestial god liked to drive one of the most popular American muscle cars of the late 1970's. His choice was the Ford Mustang King Cobra II, a special variant of the second generation V8 Ford Mustang that enhanced the aesthetics of the car with detailing such as pinstriping, trim pieces, a distincitve snake vinyl on a hood and other qualities that makes it stand out visually. While probably incredibly rare to find in Malaysia, especially given the year the vehicle was made in, Ford still sells a modern day Mustang.


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