Celebrating 25 years with Kitchen Culture


November 7, 2016 | BY Karmun Ng

Since the start of its journey in 1991 in Singapore, Kitchen Culture has stealthily grown and spread its wings to Malaysia, Hong Kong  and China.

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Not many brands can arrive at the silver jubilee milestone of 25 years, a feat that Kitchen Culture is proudly celebrating this year.

It is easy to see how the supplier of luxury brand kitchen appliances made it that far though. With a promise to create kitchen solutions tailored to each individual user’s needs, a peek into its showroom presents only high-quality kitchens that are both aesthetically beautiful and effectively practical.

“We go beyond the basic culinary functions to integrate the kitchen as part of the modern dweller’s lifestyle and culture,” tells founder Dato’ Lim Wee Li. “Our designs are driven by three main factors – design, function and form. Each aspect is conscientiously considered and fused to create high quality kitchens that are both strikingly beautiful and perfect in function.”

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Dato' Lim Wee Li

Since the start of its journey in 1991 in Singapore, Kitchen Culture has stealthily grown and spread its wings to Malaysia in 2000, Hong Kong in 2012 and China in 2015. Across its total showroom space of 66,088 square feet, it houses close to 30 brands regionally, 18 of them in Malaysia alone.

“We have developed a reputation among our customers for meticulous attention and precision with the installation of kitchen systems and appliances so much so that we are seen as the go-to company for branded and sophisticated kitchen systems. Kitchen Culture has managed countless projects and we have proven ourselves to be a leader in this industry,” Dato’ Lim adds.

While its strengths lie in beautiful and functional kitchen solutions, the multi-brand distributor also stocks brands that can help you realise your dream of bed and bath spaces that you will be proud to call home.

“We are also major players in built-in wardrobes and furniture sectors. As a whole we work with over 20 reputable brands to bring you the finest for your home,” tells Dato’ Lim.

Here’s a look at some of the brands they carry.



The oldest kitchen brand in the world makes to order each of its kitchen so no two will ever the same, even if they all begin life the same way -- on a blank piece of paper and a customer's vision. Resultantly, each finished product is a true reflection of the user's needs and personality.

La Cornue

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Drawing from a long and storied French heritage, La Cornue presents ranges that are as unique as each individual owner, without losing its timeless style that calls upon deep roots in French culinary tradition. Focused in function and elegant in design, it is grounded yet forward-thinking, traditional, yet cutting-edge.



Whether you'd like a fridge that stands out of blends in with the rest of your kitchen, Sub-Zero will have it, all with the promise to keep your food fresh and your kitchen, stylish. it's also got refrigeration units made for other parts of the house, from your exercise room to dining space and more.



Wolf wants to help you reclaim the kitchen with powerful yet refined equipments that will dish up delicious meals through precise performance. Reignite your passion for food with ovens, grills, hobs and more that promise perfect roasting, grilling, baking and broiling anytime.


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Look no further than V-Zug if you're looking for premium Swiss quality ovens. Its innovations are constantly setting new global standards for health, hygiene and resource preservation  so you can cook and nourish your loved ones as well as the environment. 

Browse more brands and appliances at the official Kitchen Culture website here. 

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