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Homes 4 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Sofa

4 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Sofa

4 Things To Consider When Shopping For A Sofa
By Tan Xi Voon
January 02, 2018
Seating is undoubtedly a household staple. We do a greater part of our lounging, entertaining, reading, and – of course – napping, on our chairs and sofas. But, contrary to common perception, picking a right one amidst a sea of seating options available in the market isn’t quite easy. For guidance on making the perfect purchase, we therefore turn to King Living. Since 1977, King Living has not only established a capable team of in-house designers based in Sydney, but collaborated with external talents such as Australian designer Charles Wilson to produce the most beautiful and innovative sofas that highlight the Australian aesthetics. And that is not an exaggeration, for the brand has picked up a multitude of prestigious awards over the years – each award a testament to King Living’s passion in its craft. Read on for some shopping advice and recommendations by the expert.


Zaza sofa
Zaza sofa

Understand the construction details

Sofa shopping should not be a surface deep endeavour. Because your sofa gets more wear than any other piece of furniture in your home, a quality foundation deeply matters. Before you commit, make sure to learn about the various parts of a product from the frame to the cushion. The Zaza sofa, designed by Charles Wilson together with King Living’s in-house design team, features engineered steel frame with detachable backs and arms and interchangeable legs. You are rest assured that it is sturdy and versatile.


Seymour chair
Seymour chair

Go for design flexibility

Speaking of versatility, Wilson has also designed the Seymour armchair that comes with a range of design options including swivel or fixed base, and three different back heights including a low, mid and high back for extra head support. Products as such make it possible to create something that truly fits the bill no matter one’s lifestyle and preferences.


King Boulevard chair
King Boulevard chair

Consider upholstery fabrics

For the long run, it is best to opt for upholstery fabrics that can be conveniently removed and cleaned or replaced. They are excellent especially for households with kids or pets – or anyone that wants to live a bit more stress-free. Plus, it allows for easy customisation. King Living offers a range of premium fabrics or luxurious European leather coverings for that purpose alone. And it can be applied to all models including the King Boulevard which can be transformed to adapt to contemporary or traditional interiors.


Reo recliner
Reo recliner

Never compromise comfort

The best looking seat cannot measure up to the most comfortable one, which is why we have our eyes on King Living’s Reo recliner. With adjustable headrests and footrest featuring TouchGlide Technology, it provides just the right level of support for full body comfort.

For more info, visit King Living’s website.


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