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Homes 5 Ways Eco Sanctuary Is Modernising Luxury Resort Living With Grandezza Homes

5 Ways Eco Sanctuary Is Modernising Luxury Resort Living With Grandezza Homes

5 Ways Eco Sanctuary Is Modernising Luxury Resort Living With Grandezza Homes
By Jessica Liew
By Jessica Liew
September 26, 2017
Like a magnet, the city draws the young and ambitious to its core. But at the end of the day, it’s the home where the heart is, for this well-spent, prosperous faction to seek refuge after a long day at the grind. To escape from the hustle and flashing lights, home should be a destination synonymous with sweet anticipation. A journey taking you from highways to the leafy residential driveways, on the fringe of Kuala Lumpur. Designed to cater to these very desires is Eco Sanctuary, a new development adjacent to Kota Kemuning. Understanding the needs of the affluent, educated and mature market, Eco World, the property’s developer, has built a gated and secure eco-themed abode of green spaces. City dwellers will be privy to a new wave of modern living through a curated line-up of residences and commercial offerings, and we have these 5 reasons to convince us. 


Indoor meets outdoor

For spacious living and young families, the Grandezza offers a collection of semi-detached homes and assorted bungalows designed with modern architecture, scattered with distinct Cubism elements. An open-plan layout merges indoor and outdoor, welcoming natural light and ventilation.


Scenic spaces

Among its residential offerings between 2,903 sq ft to 6,075 sq ft, there are options to upsize with the Grandezza bungalow Rico 60’ x 100’. In extension to standard design specifications, it also comes with a deep cantilevered balcony and linear garden stretching 30 feet to 100 feet along the back, for enhanced green living.


Add-ons for a modern mansion

 For full-fledged convenience of an extended household, consider the Grandezza super bungalow Altimo 80’ x 125’ units. On top of a recycle nook per home to support daily 3R practices, these bungalows are installed with a sentry post and a driver’s room, aiding in the family’s smooth day-to-day routine.


Leisure centre... literally

For recreation, wander to the dedicated clubhouse, a modern landmark with swimming pool and a glass-walled gym. At 22,000 sq ft, the elevated clubhouse offers expansive views of the landscape, and features a clubhouse with a 30m swimming pool, Jacuzzi, timber deck and gym. 


Low density, high quality lifestyle

Slated as the final landed gated-and-guarded precinct of Eco Sanctuary, the luxurious Grandezza boasts the township’s lowest density. With only 260 units across 68 acres, it’s community living elevated, in a secure, spacious and sophisticated surrounding. Lifestyle offerings and premier retail are just a stone’s throw away, too. 

For more more information, visit or call 03-3344 2525.


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