6 New Alternative Workouts In KL To Head To Instead Of The Gym


January 11, 2018 | BY Jessica Liew

Doing a boring workout and sticking to the confines of gymming does put a damper on fitness goals. But this new wave of fitness activities are the sort of adult playtime you won’t mind breaking a sweat for, as they're designed to engage your feel-good hormones as much as they do your abs. From hula hooping and pounding drumsticks, to rolling like an animal, these sports will have you in good shape before you realise it.

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This workout begs you to release the iron, and to pick up sandbags instead. Though you’re still lifting weights, the unconventional workout activates your entire body to build strength and endurance. Rationale: The bag’s weight shifts according to your movement, forcing you to train different muscle groups.

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6 New Alternative Workouts In KL To Head To Instead Of The Gym
Photo: Courtesy of Yoga by Cat Facebook

Animal Flow

This workout awakens your primal behaviour through ground-based, animal-like movements – think stalking, leaping, and swinging most often on your hands, knees and feet. An innovation that utilises your own bodyweight, animal flow mimics the agility of a beast through gymnastics, breakdancing and martial arts, to name a few. Prey like a beast and get shredded while at it!

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Kangoo jumping

This futuristic boots call to mind platform shoes and rollerblades – but they’re a surprisingly safe and low-impact workout gear. The shoes, created as an alternative sports shoes for runners and athletes, come with springs at the soles to absorb landing impact. Users have experienced improved muscle tone, endurance and cardiovascular fitness, while burning twice more calories than walking.

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6 New Alternative Workouts In KL To Head To Instead Of The Gym
Photo: Courtesy of Activ Studio on Instagram

BootyBarre Plus

If dance, Pilates and yoga’s more your jam, you’ll tick off all 3 with Bootybarre Plus. The energising workout focusses on flexibilitiy, cardio and strength at the barre and on the mat. The best part? You’re on your way to gaining definition from all the toning and chiseling work from the technique-based training. 

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Hula Hooping

An activity that encourages your childlike nature (and definitely reverses your ageing process) is hula hooping. Explore the manifold ways to hoop and tone up all target areas while honing some cool tricks – yes, your arms and legs can hoop too! – In intimate multi-level groups with trained hoop instructor Mishie Hoops

 Find out more at The Hula Hoop Institution.

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6 New Alternative Workouts In KL To Head To Instead Of The Gym
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With a name like POUND, you can expect to drop pounds to a heart-pounding workout. POUND Fit is a cardio training that only requires special drumsticks and a groovy playlist for a pumping good workout. Participants will benefit from a range of disciplines, from strength training to conditioning and Pilate movements, to a whooping burn of 900 calories per hour.

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Photo: Courtesy of Jumping Fitness

Jumping Fitness

Relive your inner child with this trampoline-centric workout. The exercise combines jumps, aerobics, sprints and ‘power sports’ aspects, to fire up your entire body. Plus, it’s said to be thrice more effective than jogging, and involves contracting 400 muscles throughout the workout – that doesn’t count those engaged from belly-rumbling laughter – need we say more?

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