Watch The Secrets Of The Deep Sea Unfold Through A Blue Eye


June 5, 2017 | BY Nafisa Dahodwala

Ponant introduces the world’s first multisensorial underwater lounge equipped with vibrating sofas, underwater cameras and live sea music.

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A recent report by Cruise Line International Association revealed that a staggering 25.8 million passengers are expected to cruise by the end of 2017! In the competitive market of luxury cruise liners, it is not strange to hear of out-of-the-box innovations harbouring the industry.

Taking innovation to the next level, is the French expedition cruise Ponant; as it gears up to launch the world’s first multisensorial underwater longue – Blue Eye.

Resembling a space similar to a high-powered laboratory of a sci-fi fiction movie hero, the Blue Eye is Ponant’s latest technical poweress that allows guests to perceive and feel the underwater universe in a way they might have never before.

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The Blue Eye is located two to three metres beneath the water line and features two large portholes that let passengers gaze into the deep blue sea that surrounds the lounge.

Designed by renowned architect Jacques Rougerie the interiors feature murals of jelly fish, corals and whales that gives way to digital screens plastered all across the lounge.

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The digital screen project images filmed from three live underwater cameras placed at strategic locations. The cameras are engineered as such that they can enable viewing of the sea-bed and photoluminescent organisms from the lounge as well as from the decks and balconies of the ship without damaging marine life.

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To add more panache to the underwater experience, Blue Eye is fitted with a marine surround-sound system, thanks to the expertise of French contemporary music composer Michel Rodolfi.

For patrons who wish to feel more at harmony with the ocean, the lounge features ‘listening sofas’ that vibrate in unison with the movement of the waters. This feature resolves to bring guests closer to the mammals they might see through the portholes.

The Blue Eye multisensorial underwater lounge will be unveiled in 2018 along with the four new Ponant Explorers – Le Laperhouse, Le Champlain, Le Bouganville and Le Dumont- D’urville.

 Inspired from French navigators, each ship combines a limited guest capacity, sleek design, cutting- edge technology and respect for the environment.

For over 25 years, Ponant has been the pioneer for expedition cruises mooring in the heart of secret bays of Mediterranean, sailing between icebergs and exploring remote lands of Alaska. The aim being to bring explorers on-board the cruise a step closer to nature while offering a slice of luxurious French lifestyle on sea with each expedition.

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(Photos: Ponant)

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