And The Award For The Best Wines On The Wing 2017 Goes To…


August 4, 2017 | BY Nafisa Dahodwala

In the battle of providing the best, guess which airline just bagged the award for serving the best wines to their first class passengers?

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What do you expect when you travel first class? Impeccable service. The comfort of a luxury suite onboard. And the very best of meals and beverages.

In its 13th annual Wines on the Wing International Airline Wine Competition, Global Traveller, the luxe magazine for business and luxury travellers, announced the airline who did the excellent job of going through hundreds of vineyards before selecting the glass of bubbly that would make their passengers reasonably happy.

Held at City Winery on August 1, 2017, in New York City, the competition was judged by 21 wine experts in a blind tasting where they served the wines in numbered glasses and were only informed of the type they were being served such as Pinot Noir or Sauvignon Blanc.

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The participating airlines were asked to submit two white wines, two red wines and one Champagne or a sparkling wine they serve passengers on their first and/or business class.

Each wine was then judged according to the Davis 20-point scale and the airline with the highest total score was selected to be the winner of the Wines on the Wing award.

This year, out of 25 participating countries and three North American states, the award was presented to (drumroll) Asiana Airlines!

The South Korea based airline’s Barons de Rothschild Blanc de Blancs scored the highest among champagne winners while their Chardonnay and both red wines earned gold and silver in the overall scoring process.

To keep their first class passengers well satiated, the airline selects wines not only from the classic vineyards of Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne but also from America, Australia, South Africa, Chile, Argentina and New Zealand.

Each year, Asiana Airlines opens about 210,000 bottles of wine on their first and business class flights, almost 45,000 of which are champagne, amounting to $300,000 for wines poured just in the first class.

Following Asiana Airlines, British Airways was the awarded the second place and United Airlines reaped the third place with high-scoring Singapore Airlines and American Airlines receiving the fourth and fifth places consecutively.

Last year, the Global Traveller Wines on the Wing award was handed over to Singapore Airlines.

So, if you enjoy your glass of bubbly, high-up in the sky, you know where to head to right?

Have you tried four of the finest wines from the 'New World?'

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