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Homes AXOR Combines 3 Biggest Bathroom Trends Into One Collection – And It’s So Chic

AXOR Combines 3 Biggest Bathroom Trends Into One Collection – And It’s So Chic

AXOR Combines 3 Biggest Bathroom Trends Into One Collection – And It’s So Chic
By Tan Xi Voon
October 17, 2017
In respect of bathroom design trends, we often find ourselves turning to AXOR for guidance. After all, the luxury brand under the Hansgrohe Group is often commended for its good designs – many of which evoke an appreciation bordering the iconic. It comes as no surprise, considering they are mostly born of creativity of the world’s most imaginative minds (think Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Patricia Urquiola). So when AXOR introduces a new bathroom collection called AXOR Uno this year, we take note and soon discover 3 bathroom trends it discreetly incorporates within. We predict these trends will be huge.



According to AXOR, the minimalism trend isn’t going anywhere. In fact, its AXOR Uno collection takes it one step further and pursues the uncompromising design principles of the original Purist movement.

Founded by the modern architect Le Corbusier, purism strips everything down to its most powerful, basic form. And AXOR Uno embodies the concept both in form and in function.

In form, the precise contours and the raised proportions in the golden ratio of the taps are defining. In function, the flow of water is started or stopped by simply pressing the Select button, by turning the radically reduced zero handle, or by lifting the ergonomically shaped loop handle.



We dissect AXOR Uno’s puristic design (it doesn’t take long, really) and observe that it boils down to clear, geometric basic shapes: basically two precisely shaped cylinders joined together at a right angle. Simplicity at its best!


Metallic Finishes

To be more specific, the focus will be on brushed nickel and polished brass. The collection allows customisation of surface finishes in both palettes, two of the 15 exclusive special finishes offered by AXOR.

Visit AXOR’s website to learn more about its trendsetting bathroom collection.


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