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Arts Boy Pablo, The Norwegian Indie Music Sensation, Answers 5 Burning Questions

Boy Pablo, The Norwegian Indie Music Sensation, Answers 5 Burning Questions

Boy Pablo, The Norwegian Indie Music Sensation, Answers 5 Burning Questions
By Aina Izzah
By Aina Izzah
November 26, 2019
After wowing us with his performance at U Mobile's Unlimited Grooves Festival 2019 during Urbanscapes, we caught up with the Chilean-Norwegian musician on his new album, his obsession with the Beatles and his fantasy movie soundtrack

Debuting the EP Roy Pablo at 18, Boy Pablo - real name Nicolas Muñoz - has since grown as a musician, calling the music on his follow-up Soy Pablo "less sloppy". Now 21, Boy Pablo is wise beyond his age, often writing deep and thoughtful lyrics and setting them to upbeat rhythm and infectious harmonies. His music videos are amusing gems that poke fun at the indie scene's penchant for grainy films and raw recordings. 

Boy Pablo on stage at the Unlimited Grooves Festival 2019
Boy Pablo at the Unlimited Grooves Festival 2019

What was working on Soy Pablo like?

With every song, I think I’ve learned to recognise what I like and don’t. There were some tracks that I didn’t like on my debut  – I found that some of the songs were quite “sloppy”. But I don’t have any regrets; I stand by every project I've produced. I think I've become more mature when it comes to music production, which is evident on Soy Pablo.

Why did you decide to release EPs instead of a full album?

The reason why I haven’t released an album yet is because I don’t have a lot of songs at any one time. When I do launch a full album, I want it to be the best. I'm currently writing songs and recording with my brother, Gabriel Muñoz, and my brother-in-law, Eric Tryland, so an album may be slowly taking shape. 

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Boy Pablo's band members consist of his brother and brother-in-law

What inspires you musically?

What excites me is my need to make music all the time. I'm inspired by The Beatles. It's impossible for me to pick just one favourite album from the band but if I have to, it would be Abbey Road and Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

You've worked with a cartoonist on a music video. Are there any other artists you would like to work with?

Working with Internet cartoonist ketnipz on the Feeling Lonely video was amazing! Prefuk is another visual artist I would love to work with - his skateboard-inspired achromatic art is so interesting!

If you could produce a soundtrack for an existing movie, what would it be?

It would have to be Napolean Dynamite – that movie was awesome! Imagine adding my own song to the iconic scene where the protagonist dances on stage.

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