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Homes Furnish your home like Christian Grey’s apartment in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Furnish your home like Christian Grey’s apartment in ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

Fifty Shades of grey Covet Lounge Furniture
By Karmun Ng
February 09, 2015

These pieces from Covet Lounge seen in the movie were hand-picked by Universal Studios to reflect the lead character’s extravagant lifestyle and millionaire taste.

Fans of EL James’s highly successful Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy will know the lead character, Christian Grey, is a highly attractive man for many reasons. One of them, no less, is his high-level sky-suite apartment in Seattle that is stylishly furnished to mirror his taste for all things opulent, beautiful and one-of-a-kind.

Now you, too, can style your home like the millionaire entrepreneur with a secret darker than your wildest dreams in his closet.

Covet Lounge, the luxury home concept store from Portugal, has the very pieces featured in the movie adaptation due for release on Valentine’s Day, since they are after all the official furnishing partner for the movie.

Pieces from the Covet Lounge’s partner brands such as Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, Brabbu and Koket can be seen furnishing Christian Grey’s home, specially selected by Universal Studios to suit the protagonist’s extravagant lifestyle and millionaire taste. 

Edgy cabinets, like the Boca do Lobo’s Diamond Sideboard, add a touch of rebellion to any setting, while grandiosely-designed pieces, like Koket’s Hypnotic Chandelier, inject a sort of regal elegance to even the most contemporary space. 

Together, they stitch together an exquisite collection that binds unspoken desire with practical purpose, one which Mr Grey would have approved.

Click through the gallery below for the full archive of furniture from Covet Lounge used in the movie.


All pieces are available for order at Covet Lounge.



(Photos: Covet Lounge, Brabbu, Boca do Lobo, DelightFULL, Koket) 


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