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Arts This Feng Shui Boutique Specialises In Dzi Beads

This Feng Shui Boutique Specialises In Dzi Beads

Photo: Dzi Kingdom
Photo: Dzi Kingdom
By Teoh Jae Mie
December 29, 2020
Dzi Kingdom Special
The award-winning Dzi Kingdom has one of the largest collections of dzi beads in Southeast Asia

In possession of the largest collection of genuine antique dzi beads in Southeast Asia, Dzi Kingdom is established as the first Tibetan and Himalayan dzi specialist centre in Malaysia with nearly 20 branches throughout the country. Its bricks-and-mortars are complemented with an online presence in Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Thailand, China, USA, France, Netherlands, Austria and the UAE.
Believed to be able to bring its wearer to a higher spiritual awareness, dzi is also said to possess healing properties. Genuine dzi is one of Tibet's most powerful amulets that channels positive energy and attracts good fortune.

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Photo: Dzi Kingdom
Photo: Dzi Kingdom
Photo: Dzi Kingdom

With over 17 years of experience in these gems, Dzi Kingdom collects and exhibits truly unique and one-of-a-kind dzi. Fret not if you aren't familiar with the process of choosing the right dzi bead; Dzi Kingdom provides private consultation by highly trained advisors, combining a deep analysis of customers’ personal situations, calculation of metaphysics, and a unique 8DZI combination founded by Master Dato’ Martin Lui.
The meticulously displayed beads at Dzi Kingdom are personally handpicked by Master Lui himself, ensuring optimum value and supreme quality. They are also certified and undergo a series of blessings beforehand to unleash their full benefits.

Tibetan monks will also bless these gems every few months to revitalise their living auras and value.

For more information, visit Dzi Kingdom's official website.

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