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Wellness Finger On The Pulse: Why Giving Back Is Good For Your Health

Finger On The Pulse: Why Giving Back Is Good For Your Health

Finger On The Pulse: Why Giving Back Is Good For Your Health
By Dr Andrea Lim
By Dr Andrea Lim
September 27, 2017

Our health and wellness columnist Dr Andrea Lim gives us five good reasons why giving back is better than you think.

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A few weeks ago, as part of Malaysia Tatler’s Gen.T initiative, 38 volunteers headed out to Serendah to construct a home for an orang asli family.

This wonderful initiative in partnership with EPIC homes is a great example of how giving back strengthens communities.

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Furthermore, research shows that the act of giving is also greatly beneficial to our health, resulting in better weight control, lower blood pressure and relief from chronic pain and also depression. Here's how:

1. Helper’s high

Studies indicate that our brains’ mesolimbic system is activated when we perform charitable activities, resulting in physiological responses of reward. ‘Feel-good’ hormones such as oxytocin and vasopressin are released to give us an addictive high.

2. Reduce stress

Almost 80% of people who regularly volunteer report a lower stress level and a higher level of calm and inner peace.

3. Activism cure

People who have been through a difficult time themselves found that giving back helped them regain their sense of self while improving and countering their negative outlook in life.

4. Gratitude

Giving back instills a sense of gratitude in us and happiness research tells us that cultivating gratitude in our daily lives is key to increasing personal happiness.

5. Paying it forward

Kindness and generosity are contagious things. Harvard studies show that when we observe an act of kindness, we are inspired to do the same, to different people. Altruism is in fact found to spread by 3 degrees – from the first person to the second and to the third; so each and every one of us can influence dozens of people from our own networks to pay a kind or generous act forward.

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With a perfect combination of charismatic beauty, grace and intelligence, Dr Andrea Lim is a firm believer in the values of hard work and dedication. Besides working in her family business, KL Sogo, the new mom is also a partner in her husband’s health and fitness venture, Peak Fitness.

To get in touch with her, please email

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