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Arts Giorgio Armani pays tribute to the silver screen

Giorgio Armani pays tribute to the silver screen

American Gigolo: Richard Gere in Giorgio Armani
By Calvin Chong
June 01, 2015

"If I wasn't a fashion designer, I might have been a renowned director": As told by Giorgio Armani in #ATribute to the Big Screens.

It all started with American Gigolo, when a young director named Paul Schrader approached Giorgio Armani to dress an up and coming actor Richard Gere for the film in 1980.

That move had redefined the meaning of masculinity and menswear in more ways than one. The film made such a great impression to the public that it propelled both the designer and actor to international fame.

From then on, it is hard not to think about Giorgio Armani when you talk about fashion in films.

Armani says, "I've often wondered what would have my life been without the silver screen. Surely, I would not be the man nor the designer I am today."

Following up to the #ATribute campaign that celebrates Armani's 40th anniversary, the brand has launched a new page in its microsite that pays tribute to the silver screen.

Diving into the archives of the Italian brand, the tribute site showcases the best of Armani in films and also, on the red carpets of the many film awards including The Oscars, Cannes Film Festival and Golden Globes.

35 years after Armani's debut in films, the brand is still going strong with its presence both on and off the screen. Elysium witnessed one of the brand's more recent appearance with Jodie Foster donning a metallic Armani number.

And how can we forget about the controversial film, The Wolf of Wall Street? Leonardo DiCaprio looked absolutely dashing in his Armani suits, in what we can call a perfect fashion sequel to American Gigolo.

To find out more about the #ATribute campaign by Giorgio Armani, visit


(Photos courtesy of Giorgio Armani)

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