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Toys Holiday Season 2018 Gift Guide: Great Buys For Men

Holiday Season 2018 Gift Guide: Great Buys For Men

Holiday Season 2018 Gift Guide: Great Buys For Men
By Tien Chew
November 30, 2018
Not sure what to give your husband, brother, father and guy friends this upcoming festive period? Don't worry, we have you covered.

1/10 BR-X2 Skeleton Tourbillon Micro-Rotor

Bell & Ross
Photo: Courtesy of Bell & Ross

What: A handsome timepiece that respects haute horlogerie and is inspired by modern architecure. The concept behind the BR-X2 is that the movement is worn directly on the wrist, bringing the mechanism to the forefront while the case disappears.

Why: The sapphire case makes allows the wearer to show the gorgeous guts of the elegant timepiece, making for a modern mechanical marvel. This watch is also limited to 50 pieces.

Who: Men who like watches, especially bigger bolder timepieces, and appreciates fine craftsmanship.

2/10 Galaxy Note 9

Photo: Courtesy of Samsung

What: The latest and greatest smartphone phablet hybrid that gives you massive screen real estate for you to do whatever your heart desires, be it watching HD movies, creating the next Little Miss Mr Men with your stylus pen or simple note taking. The Galaxy Note 9 remains the best large smartphone on the market.

Why: Expect top-of-the-line internals with the Note 9, which translates to bigger storage, better cameras, an incredible sharp display, a new revamped stylus pen that can do more than just draw, as well as a host of features that will make any owner a proud user.

Who: Those who like big beautiful Android phones, especially the latest and greatest tech gadgets.


3/10 Apple Watch Hermès

Photo: Courtesy of Apple

What: Cutting edge tech meets haute couture sensibilities with the Apple Watch Hermès, one of two special editions that Apple released with the launch of their all-new series 4 smartwatch.

Why: Besides looking uber stylish, thanks to its iconic Hermès leather watch bands (available in various colours), the new Apple Watch series 4 also has a redesigned and bigger screen, more health and fitness features and can act as a conduit between you and your iPhone.

Who: Tech savvy fashion forward men who appreciate good craftsmanship, timekeeping and tech gadgets.

4/10 Montblanc #MY4810 Trolley Luggage

Photo: Courtesy of Montblanc

What: A stylish all-black luggage from luxury maison Montblanc, designed for the urban traveller in mind. 

Why: With a rugged yet dapper look, along with that sleek all-black get up, this luggage sports ball-bearing wheels for smooth and quiet sailing, two spacious compartments and an adjustable handle with a multi-stop system that can adjust to your ideal height.

Who: Guys who frequently travel for work and are looking for a durable yet stylish travel companion to keep their belongings safe.

5/10 Tumi Tahoe Lakeview Backpack

Photo: Courtesy of Tumi

What: A laptop ready backpack made for the urban traveller, complete with all the practicality and durability of what Tumi is renowned for. An ingenious system that allows for a waterproof rain cover with reflective tape stashed in the bottom of the bag is also a welcoming feature.

Why: Besides its clean minimalist approach that offers great utility, the backpack isn't only fitted for an urban environment, but also suitable for outdoor use. And if you're worried about using it during the night, there are reflective trims for increased visibility.

Who: Guys looking for a functional yet stylish backpack that doesn't skimp in either departments.

6/10 Moët & Chandon Impérial Limited Edition

Moët & Chandon
Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

What: Adorned with end of the year festive graphics, this seasonal limited edition champagne bottle has everything you know and love about Moët & Chandon Impérial that's tailor made for the holidays.

Why: The world's most consumed champagne, Moët & Chandon Impérial has a taste that's easy to like, is fresh, bubbly and is perfect for any celebration. This is a gift that can be enjoyed by both the giftee and the gifter.

Who: Your husband, brother or father who likes to bookend the year with a fine spot of bubbly.

7/10 Hennessy X.O Marc Newson Limited Edition

Photo: Courtesy of Hennessy

What: World famous designer Marc Newson's take on the iconic Hennessy X.O bottle reimagines it as an elegant and modern glass vessel in this limited edition offering. Take note, Newson is no stranger to reimagining iconic products, so you can be sure this bottle will sit handsomely on any bar shelf.

Why: Your giftee will get one of the best cognacs in the world bottled up inside a sexy limited edition bottle. That's a two for one deal right there.

Who: Alcohol connoisseurs and design enthusiasts.

8/10 Chivas XV

Photo: Courtesy of Chivas

What: Chivas launches a new 15 year old whisky . In an age where whisky makers are beginning to make more non-age statement products, the XV is a refreshing change. Plus, there's a striking new gold bottle.

Why: The whisky is aged in Grande Champagne Cognac casks for a warm amber colour, rich notes of sultanas and a touch of cinnamon. Great on its own or in a cocktail, this versatile blendy whisky will be the social lubricant perfect for any year-end party.

Who: Whisky lovers looking for the next new whisky. 

9/10 TWG Holiday Gift Set

Photo: Courtesy of TWG

What: Skip over the naughty stuff and give your guy a holiday themed tea collection. TWG's Night of Noel hamper comes with special tea, sugar sticks and disposable cotton tea filter in an elegantly wrapped box.

WhyNot everyone likes celebrating with a bang and this tea set is perfect for those looking to welcome the New Year with a soothing cup of tea and a good book.

Who: Guys watching their weight this festive period and for those trying to have a healthy festive period.

10/10 Lanvin Diving Lace-Up Sneakers

Photo: Courtesy of Lanvin

What: Made of 100 per cent leather and rubber, these stylish sneakers from high fashion house Lanvin exude an urban coolness vibe that cannot be overstated.

Why: Besides looking absolutely fly, the green, brown and blue accents work well to give these sneakers a contemporary yet chic look that can change up one's footwear game.

Who: Sneaker heads looking for a slice of high fashion.


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