How Hansgrohe lets you 'Select' a more pleasurable experience


December 20, 2016 | BY Daween Maan

Having introduced the technology in 2011, Hansgrohe has expanded the innovative ‘Select’ capabilities into its newest line of showerheads and kitchen mixers.


While most of us pay little attention to every tiny detail of our daily lives, those little details make all the difference without us even realising. A shower, for example, isn’t just a mundane necessity, but also plays a big part in how we get on with the rest of our day -- a nice and pleasurable experience leaves us in a happy mindset.

With that in mind, kitchen and bathroom amenities creator, Hansgrohe has gone a step further by tending to those little details to ensure a more pleasurable experience, with the simple push of a button.

Having introduced the technology to its line of Raindance showers in 2011, Hansgrohe has expanded the innovative ‘Select’ capabilities into its newest line of showerheads and mixers.

The clean and contemporary designs benefit from the ease of use provided by ‘Select’, allowing for the switching of settings and the personalisation of one’s experience. Gone are old-fashioned and pesky knobs or dials that require twisting and turning to adjust them; instead they are replaced by large buttons and clear icons, that make it easy for everyone to understand.

More impressively, the ‘Select’ is completely mechanical, requiring no electronics to function.

So, from your bathroom to your kitchen sink, here are Hansgrohe’s new ‘Select’ products and how you can use them for a more pleasurable experience:

ShowerTablet Select 300 & 700


The Hansgrohe ShowerTablet Select 300 and the ShowerTablet Select 700 perfectly demonstrate how the ‘Select’ technology improves one’s experience. The buttons on the front of the ShowerTablet use clear icons that make for an easier time in the shower, regardless of one’s age.

ShowerTablet Select 300 & 700


Simply push the corresponding button for the shower style of your choosing and bathe away without needing to make any adjustments, pre or post usage. The thermostat is an easy-to-use knob, while the shelf provides enough space for all your shower products.

Raindance Select S120 handshowers


The simplicity and personalisation are also present in Hansgrohe’s handshowers. The ergonomically designed showerhead comes equipped with the ‘Select’ button, that similarly allows for a simple change of shower settings to suit your needs. 

ShowerSelect Glass thermostat


Completing the array of shower related ‘Select’ products is the ShowerSelect Glass thermostat – an award-winning design that is as simple to use as it is an eye-catcher. Concealing most of its working parts behind its highly durable glass face, the thermostat blends beautifully into any wall.

Talis Select


The ‘Select’ button translates near seamlessly into the line of Talis Select mixers, usable in the bathroom or kitchen. A light press on the mixer head turns on the water, before another press turns it off, while temperature is controlled by turning the head in its desired direction.

Metris/Talis Select


The Metris and Talis Select kitchen mixers complete any kitchen. The tall basin mixer provides adequate clearance for large pots and pans while the pull-out spout, complete with a ‘Select’ button helps with the up-close cleaning. The mixer is also suitable for double sinks, with a 150-degree swivel range in any direction.

To learn more about Hansgrohe and the ‘Select’ range of products, visit Hansgrohe’s official website here, or contact them at