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Homes How King Built A Beloved And Enduring International Furniture Brand

How King Built A Beloved And Enduring International Furniture Brand

King's Delta III sofa
King's Delta III sofa
By Jennifer Choo
By Jennifer Choo
May 31, 2021
King Special
Since 1977, King has been combining design, functionality and durability in every piece of their furniture. Here’s how they did it - and how you can pick the perfect King piece from the comfort of your home

The story of one of Australia’s most renowned and beloved furniture brands began at the back of a Sydney home, where David King and his mother, Gwen, began making lounge chairs and selling them at Paddy’s Market. During this time, he also grew to understand the structural integrity of design by visiting op shops, studying the wear and tear of vintage furniture.

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This experience served David well in laying the foundation for King, the brand he started in 1977. “From the beginning we weren’t content to just make ordinary furniture. We wanted to make better furniture. Furniture that would last. Knowing that your furniture will last the test of time, we think that’s very important,” he says. To this end, he developed the revolutionary innovation that King is famous for—engineered steel frames. These steel frames support the Postureflex® seating system that gives King sofas their renowned flexibility, comfort, and support—not to mention unrivalled 25-year warranty.


David King
King's signature steel frames

Flex and Flow

The ability of King sofas to adapt to your life rather than the other way round has always been one of the cornerstones of the brand’s ethos. With intentional design at its core, each product features clean, pared-back aesthetics to make way for innovative, experiential solutions focused on quality and flexibility.


It began in 1998, when the first edition of Delta arrived on the market equipped with components that could be arranged into endless configurations. Like “adult Lego”, the fully modular Delta could be adjusted to suit any space, be it compact apartments or large, open plan living areas. This flexibility inspired Vanity Fair to order a staggering 173 different Delta II components to seat celebrities at their famed Hollywood Oscar Party in 2007.

King's Delta III sofa
King's Delta III sofa

The flexibility of King sofas goes beyond modularity with additional solutions like tool-free components that allow arms, backs shelves, tables and accessories to be moved around with ease, adjustable seat heights and angles, and even a sofa that can turn into a double bed. To keep up with the times, models like the Jasper have been updated over the years with extra storage, extendable headrests and recharging surfaces for mobile devices.

Models like the hugely popular King Cloud III on the other hand, conceal sophisticated technology that allows you to effortlessly recline, and adjust its components to your ideal position with just the touch of a button. It even has a "memory" function called  TouchGlide® Control, which saves your personal comfort preference for future use.

The King of recliners, King Cloud III
The King of recliners, King Cloud III
Jasper II has various attachments to suit all sorts of occasions
Jasper II has various attachments to suit all sorts of occasions
Jasper II has concealed storage space
Jasper has various attachments to suit all sorts of occasions

Designed for Life

While David has stated that his drive stems simply from the desire to create something meaningful that would improve people’s lives, it is because of King’s unique modular designs that the brand have left their mark on the Australian design landscape. Iconic sofas like the sleek Jasper and endlessly flexible Delta, have become local household names because of its modular features and have since expanded to include outdoor and indoor versions.

Collaborations with Australia’s best creative minds have enriched the King portfolio including a long-standing relationship with leading designer Charles Wilson for pieces like the Zaza sofa and recently Tom Fereday for the award-winning Eto desk. Indeed, King has received every major industry design award, the first arriving in 1985.

Tom Fereday's  award-winning Eto desk
Tom Fereday's award-winning Eto desk
Renowned deisgner, Charles Wilson's Zaza sofa
Renowned deisgner, Charles Wilson's Zaza sofa

Built to last

Building furniture which lasts has always been the King way and this commitment to sustainability was recognised by the FMIAA and NSW Environment Protection Authority with an award in 1999 recognising the King commitment to environmental sustainability. From recyclable material choices to timeless designs, every step of the production process is calibrated to optimise King’s sustainable agenda.

Skilled craftsmen ensure your sofa can be refreshed when required
Skilled craftsmen ensure your sofa can be refreshed when required

King also continues to offer customers the ability to re-cover its sofas with King Care®, the in-house after sales customer care team. By using this service, you’ll be able to able to breathe new life into your King sofa, reinforcing again that a piece of King furniture is something that it will be enjoyed for a lifetime.

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King's Bangsar showroom
King's Bangsar showroom


In Malaysia, King has been bringing authentic Australian designed furniture to Malaysian homes for almost three years now, with showrooms located in Bangsar and IPC Shopping Centre. However with the ongoing pandemic, King has taken steps to ensure customers have a comfortable and safe shopping experience with virtual and personalised showroom consultations.

King Living’s virtual showroom experience is am immersive experience which allows you to discover the sprawling, two-storey flagship store in Annandale, Sydney. You'll be able to discover the latest designs and luxury materials - and even get up close enough to click on tags or zoom in to have a closer look at the display. A wealth of product demo videos are also available and come with interactive options so you'll be able to watch how patented features like the TouchGlide® Technology works in detail. Questions are efficiently and knowledgeably answered by expert consultants via FaceTime, WhatsApp or Google Duo. After all, the customer is King.

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