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Travel In photos: The One & Only Hayman Island private resort in the Great Barrier Reef

In photos: The One & Only Hayman Island private resort in the Great Barrier Reef

One&Only Hayman Island
By Karmun Ng
July 12, 2014

Forming part of the Whitsunday cluster of islands, the One&Only Hayman Island offers a front row seat to the Great Barrier Reef and a new world of luxury lifestyle and activities.

Nestled in the very heart of Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, lies a newly refurbished luxury private island resort unlike any the world has ever seen. The One & Only Hayman Island, owned by Malaysia’s very own Mulpha International, has been reopened and, as of July, has begun welcoming guests.  

Within its grounds, the most sophisticated architecture meets the most astonishing natural beauty, forming a complete package that is backdropped against the Coral Sea. If you're looking for a spectacular venue to host a beach wedding, corporate event or a family holiday getaway, the One & Only Hayman Island is one for serious consideration.

Beautiful appointed rooms, suites, villas and penthouses make up the accommodations that come all-inclusive with private pools, lush gardens and up to 2 kilometres of pristine white sand. Each vastly distinctive in style and ambience, they all have one thing in common – the breathtaking views of different parts of the island and its natural surroundings. There is even a 2-bedroom Diane von Furstenberg penthouse up for rent.

Activities on the resort include diving, snorkeling, seaplane and helicopter tours of the naturally-occuring coral reefs around the island, kayaking, sailing and other fishing excursions. Those who prefer to stay on land can enjoy golf, tennis, or boxfit on its many facilities. Guided tours through sand flats and the island’s natural bays are also available. 

The resort is home to 8 different restaurants and bars that specialise in a variety of cuisine ranging from Spanish and Italian to Korean and Indian. Gourmet picnics also enable you to enjoy your meals on different locations on and around the island. 

Click through the gallery below for a virtual tour of the ultra luxurious private island resort:


(Photos: The One & Only Hayman Island)


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