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Travel Kristy Yong’s Travel Diary: The ‘Trans-Scandinavia 2015’ tour

Kristy Yong’s Travel Diary: The ‘Trans-Scandinavia 2015’ tour

Kristy Yong’s Travel Diary: The ‘Trans-Scandinavia 2015’ tour
By Karmun Ng
January 05, 2016

In her own words and photos, we have a look at what Kristy Yong encountered during her 17-day driving expedition across Scandinavia from Helsinki to Copenhagen.

Kristy Yong at Route 64, the Atlantic Ocean Road that connects to the many islands

The region of Scandinavia has always drawn revere and awe, and rightfully so.

Comprising an entire peninsula in Northern Europe, which today covers Norway, Sweden and most of northern Finland, it is a historical hot pot, made even more breathtaking by majestic snow-capped mountains, sweeping lakes and moraines --legacies of the last glacial period -- and, of course, delectable seafood. 

Kristy Yong recently took on a tour across its alpine tundra climate and returned with tales and photographs that looked like they were plucked right out of a National Geographic episode.

Here she shares with us the greatest highlights of her 17-day tour of the beautiful region of epic proportions. 

 Kristy Yong in Scandinavia

Snowcapped mountains between Nordell to Bergen, Norway

I went as part of a 4x4 driving expedition across Scandinavia called the ‘Trans-Scandinavia 2015 (SG50)’, comprising a 66-day epic drive from Singapore to London, through 15 countries. I only joined for 14 touch points from Helsinki to Copenhagen that took up 17 days. I was a guest of my father, who has been travelling with this group -- the 4x4 World Explorer -- for over a decade. 

Kristy Yong in Scandinavia

At North Cape, watching others cliff climbing

The Scandics are minimalists at heart, laidback in disposition but exercise much precision in service and design. Scandinavia is famed for the Northern lights, which we didn’t catch this trip but is a sure reason for return.

Kristy Yong in Scandinavia

Picnic along the way

If you’re going on an expedition like this, drive. You see so much more than flying from point A to B. It also cuts the hassle of airport security checks. I don’t think we could’ve covered so much distance in such a short time or created as many memories. 

Kristy Yong in Scandinavia

Geiranger Fjord

Some of the highlights from my trip in no particular order include the UNESCO World Heritage Site – Geiranger Fjord; Splash of the reat Atlantic Ocean Drive; Driving through the Arctic Circle; North Cape; Indoor roundabouts in Norwegian tunnels.

Kristy Yong in Scandinavia

A white reindeer in the woods

There’s so much to explore here. Geirenger Fjord is one of most beautiful places on earth; Stockholm gave me a taste of Swedish countryside and culture of the Vikings; Mosjoern showed me driving at its best with clean mountains and beautiful fjords; Oslo was spectacular as home of blondes and blue eyes; and Tromso presented wild Arctic experiences even money cannot buy!

Kristy Yong in Scandinavia

The Matbordet's interactive Chef's table

This wasn’t particularly a foodie trip but some of the highlights we chanced upon were Matbordet (The Dining Table) in The Grand Hotel in Stockholm; behind the curtains sits a 10-person table, where they cook for you interactively. Old Market Hall Vanha Kauppahalli – STORY in Helsinki for breakfast; get a seat by the window at the harbour and watch the world go by. Relae in Jægersborggade, Copenhagen; for its inventive dishes served without pretension in a smart, minimal space.

Kristy Yong in Scandinavia

King crabs

At night, in Bergen, there’s a fish-market at the pier that opens till late. We had King crabs steamed and grilled. 

Kristy Yong in Scandinavia

Ivalo in panorama

My favourite part of this trip is the luxury of time. Just getting in a car and driving or switching on Google maps and exploring the city on foot without the need to pack a tight schedule. Taking each day as it comes, living fully in the moment. It was also great to have met this group of amazing people from very different walks of life bonded by a love for the road less travelled.

(Photos: Kristy Yong)

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