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Travel Review: Mulu Marriott, Sarawak

Review: Mulu Marriott, Sarawak

The Mulu Marriott & Spa
By Lily Ong
By Lily Ong
May 20, 2015

The property's all-wood facility makes a stay here a healthy balance of urban comforts in a wild, outdoorsy setting.

Mulu, which is situated deep inside the rainforest of Borneo, is a destination that adventure lovers often put at the top of their bucket list. It is also is currently one of Sarawak best-kept secrets.

Home to unrivalled landscapes of lush greenery, exotic flora and fauna and some of the most extraordinary showcase caves in the world, outdoor enthusiasts will relish the abundance of activities to be experienced here that will challenge both the mind and spirit. Yet, roughing it out for leisure can be quite exhausting if you do not have a comfy place to retreat to after a long day spent out with Mother Nature. 

Thankfully, the establishment of The Mulu Marriott & Spa, formerly known as the Royal Mulu Resort, meant that there is now a sanctuary available for the discerning traveller who is looking for a healthy balance of urban comforts in a wild, outdoorsy setting. The earnest and warm service here at the resort also adds to the experience.

At Home in the Rainforest

Slowly but surely, this riverside resort is putting the final touches to its rooms and public spaces as they are preparing for its big launch to the world. The property’s all-wood, sprawling complex has been renovated and refurbished in anticipation of the grand event in the last quarter of the year, something we are excited about. 

Befitting its premium standing, the lounge and lobby of the resort are furnished exquisitely with designer furniture and lighting that fits perfectly against the untamed environment it is situated at. For example, at night after the sun sets, the area transforms as the warm, yellow lighting installed for the public areas cast warmth and character to the earthy furnishings and fixtures.

Also, despite its remoteness and dependence on the river for transport of supplies, the Mulu Marriott & Spa strives to offer you every creature comfort you need, be it WiFi connection and groceries in its in-house convenience store.

Plush Comforts

You can choose from deluxe and premier suites to stay in, which offers either the view of the rainforest or the river. For those travelling in groups, the Melinau Riverside suite or the Presidential Suite is a better choice. 

We stayed at the deluxe rainforest suite at Mulu Marriott Resort & Spa for this review. We were impressed by the spaciousness of the suite, which extends out to a patio overlooking the jungle.

The sizeable ensuite bathroom is well equipped with modern amenities such as hot water, a rain shower and a bathtub, among others. Other essentials for outdoor living such as umbrellas and torchlight are tucked into the closet for your use during emergencies. Our sleep at our suite was a soundless one, thanks to the plushness of the bed and pillows.


Food for the Soul

There are plenty of activities to participate in at Mulu to keep you busy. Caving is a good start. From exploring the natural beauty of Clearwater Cave or Cave of the Winds to bat watching at Deer Cave, you can always turn to the resort’s recreational desk for suggestions. These activities will entail a scenic longboat ride from the resort to the caves. 

For those who enjoy nature watching, there is also the option of heading to the Mulu National Park for some trekking. Thrill seekers can also sign up for a hike up to the Pinnacles at Mulu’s mountains or the exhilarating Headhunters’ Trail experience. 

Culture lovers can also opt for a short visit at the Batu Bungan longhouses, where the local natives sell exquisite wares at its handicraft market. From handmade beaded ornaments to wooden blowpipes, there are bound to be trinkets that you will like up for grabs.

Back at the resort after a whole day of adventure (in some activities such as the Headhunter’s Trail, there’s more days spent in the outdoors), do not forget to indulge in the delicious food prepared at the resort’s M Café. The Sarawak laksa and Marriott Burger are hearty choices that will restore your energy for another day out in the wild.



(Photos: Mulu Marriot & Spa) 

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