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Arts 5 Malaysian Movies To Watch On Netflix Over The Merdeka Weekend

5 Malaysian Movies To Watch On Netflix Over The Merdeka Weekend

Photo: Glenn Carsten-Peters / Unsplash
Photo: Glenn Carsten-Peters / Unsplash
By Iskandar Ameen
August 24, 2020
From action-packed blockbusters to heartwarming tales, the long weekend is perfect for discovering local films or revisiting classics

1/5 Paskal (2018)

Photo courtesy of Netflix
Former football player Taufiq Hanafi as Lieutenant Khairil Fikri in Paskal

Directed by Adrian Teh, Paskal made headlines not only for being the then most expensive Malaysian movie with a budget of RM10 million, but also for its explosive action sequences that will keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Partly based on true stories from the Royal Malaysian Navy's elite warfare force PASKAL, the plot revolves around the force's fight against external threats and Lieutenant Commander Arman's (Hairul Azreen) internal struggles. The film also stars Jasmine Suraya and Henley Hii.

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2/5 Jagat (2015)

Photo courtesy of Netflix
Jagat also won the Shanjey Kumar Perumal the Best New Director award at the Malaysian Film Festival

This candid crime drama film is directed by Shanjey Kumar Perumal and follows the journey of 12-year-old protagonist Appoy (Harvind Raj) as he manoeuvres around life's trials. Considered one of the best Tamil language film ever produced in Malaysia, it does not shy away from social issues like parental abuse and gangsterism. The film also won the Best Malaysian Film award at the 28th Malaysian Film Festival in 2016.

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3/5 Pulang (2018)

Photo courtesy of Netflix
Remy Ishak and Puteri Aishah

Kabir Bhatia, the renowned Mumbai-born director, tugs at heartstrings with this two-hour epic that traverses continents as well as time periods. Stunning cinematography and solid acting accompanies the tragic love story between Othman (Remy Ishak) and Thom (Puteri Aishah), which unfolds in captivating fashion.

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4/5 The Kid From The Big Apple (2016)

Photo courtesy of Netflix
Ti Lung (centre) and Tan Qin Lin (far right) won Best Actor and Best Newcomer respectively at the 7th Macau International Movie Festival for their performances

If a kid-friendly watch post-family dinner is what you're after, look no further than Jess Teong's directorial debut, The Kid From The Big Apple. Set mainly in a flat in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, the heartwarming film explores themes such as clashing traditional and modern values, Western versus Asian upbringing, and the increasing encroachment of smartphones on how we communicate. Hong Kong actor Ti Lung is magnificent in his portrayal as the grandfather struggling to bond with his rebellious granddaughter. 

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5/5 Munafik (2016)

Photo courtesy of Netflix
Fizz Fairuz in a scene from the horror classic

This movie by actor and director Syamsul Yusof masterfully blends horror elements with cultural and religious aspects that hit spookily close to home. The fast pacing, strong leads and clever plot twist have made it a horror classic, and even allowed Syamsul Yusof to nab the Best Director Award at the 57th Asia Pacific Film Festival.

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