What Pippa Middleton’s Extravagant Honeymoon In French Polynesia Looks Like


May 24, 2017 | BY Nafisa Dahodwala

After what is claimed to be the wedding of the year, Pippa Middleton and husband, James Matthews are off to a private island for what looks like the honeymoon of the year.

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Photo Courtesy: The Brando Resort

The St. Marks church in Berkshire, buzzed with activity, the rush of designer gowns and the chichest floral arrangements as Pippa Middleton and beau James Matthews vowed to be together till death do us apart, in what is considered to be the wedding of the year.

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After the arduous task of organising the wedding with military precision the couple truly deserved the most romantic getaway there possibly could be. The newlyweds were spotted on Monday at Los Angeles International Airport en route to their luxurious honeymoon in the Pacific Islands.

 The couple is rumoured to be honeymooning at The Brando Resort – the only luxury resort located on Tertiaroa island once owned by legendary screen star Marlon Brando. With its white sand beaches, lush plam trees, pristine clear waters and absolute privacy, Tertiaroa is truly a hidden gem of the Polynesian islands and the couple couldn’t have picked a better location!

This tiny atoll is located off the coast of Tahiti and access to The Brando is only possible via a 20-minute spectacular plane ride from Faa’a International Airport in Papeete, Tahiti.

 The Brando Resort where the likes of celebrities like the Obamas, Jay-Z and Beyonce are known to have vacationed, features 35 private villas with pools along with two gourmet restaurants, two hotel bars, a luxurious overwater spa, an organic fruit orchard and vegetable garden.

The resort is a one-of-a-kind luxury abode that combines elegance and environmental sustainability to create one of the finest eco-friendly retreats. This award-winning resort has sea-water air conditioning and is  supported with energy produced from solar power and coconut oil.

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Beside catering to every whim and fancy of the rich and famous guests, the resort also provides its residents with a bunch of outdoor activities such as snorkeling, diving, bicycling and paddle boarding to let them enjoy the uninterrupted natural beauty of the Polynesian islands.

The accommodation cost at The Brando start from €3000 in the low season and goes upto €12,300 during the festive season!

But like the famous Coco Chanel quote goes, 'Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury'. Here’s to wishing the vivacious couple a happy honeymoon and the best of Polynesian surf and turf!

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