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Homes These Plantrepreneurs Are Going Beyond Caring For Potted Plants

These Plantrepreneurs Are Going Beyond Caring For Potted Plants

Kerstin McGuire, co-founder of
Kerstin McGuire, co-founder of
By Jennifer Choo
By Jennifer Choo
April 19, 2021 Special
Local plant expert plants more than 1,000 native trees in various locations in Perak in an effort to deepen their knowledge of indigenous flora

After five years in the business of selling indoor plants, are now delving into expanding their knowledge of native trees of Malaysia by collaborating with a local NGO to plant more than 1,000 native trees in various locations in Perak, Malaysia.

“In our quest to go beyond caring for potted plants, we would like to encourage city dwellers to observe native trees in their natural habitat. Planting these trees gave us valuable insights about plant suitability to various altitudes, distances between trees, types of soil, and other factors. We planted these trees by the river, in a limestone area, in a virgin tropical jungle and even by roadsides” , said Kerstin McGuire, co-founder of

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Potted plants have become's signature
Potted plants have become's signature
Plants add softness to indoor and outdoor spaces
Plants add softness to indoor and outdoor spaces

This is in line with’s founding ethos which was to create a community with an environmentally conscious mind while enabling carbon neutral homes with the help of plants to provide better indoor air quality with increased oxygen production for a healthier lifestyle.

Since 2016, they have been offering on-site consultation for indoor plant styling with the goal to incorporate plants in modern homes and spaces as part of the interior design. Other services include an e-commerce platform for buying plants online, plant gifts, and plant rental services for corporations and customers around Kuala Lumpur and Selangor.

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Sara Dalina, co-founder of
Sara Dalina, co-founder of

During’s planting efforts, the team did their part for conservation by planting species which are slowly disappearing from the local eco-system. “One of the native trees planted was Balau Sengkawang Air (commonly found near river banks), which is an indigenous rainforest tree considered critically endangered on the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species. Balau Sengkawang Air was chosen due to its ability to control erosion when planted at Sungai Dipang, Kampar, Perak," said Sara Dalina, co-founder of

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Palm ferns are always classic
Palm trees are always classic

Enriched by this new knowledge, this new initiative by the team looks set to be just the beginning of more efforts in the same vein. “Moving forward, we want to create our own tree planting initiative, preferably somewhere nearer in the city. Now that the trend of indoor plants is here, we believe that it is the right time to expand the awareness to our native trees by planting the right tree at the right place outdoors, to allow our trees to do what they do best and never ask for anything in return,” concludes McGuire.

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