Silverdale Bathroom Brings Charming British Style Closer To Home


May 9, 2017 | BY Tan Xi Voon

Premium sanitary ware makers Silverdale Bathroom puts forward quintessentially British designs underlined by contemporary lines.

Hillingdon.jpg (original size)Give your bathroom a sophisticated, period look with the Silverdale Hillingdon

Originating from Silverdale – a hub of the ceramics industry in Britain since the middle of the 17th century – Silverdale Bathrooms has long mastered the art of perfecting their products.

Its origin and rich history in premium craftsmanship are perfectly retained under the meticulous production process superintended by an established local manufacturer. 

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Some of their signature bathroom collections are in fact glorious examples of styling and design from a past period.

Inspiration is gained from the details and lines prevalent in the designs of the Victorian and Edwardian eras, as well as the architecture, furniture and artistic constructs of the Art Nouveau and Art Deco movements.

At the same time, they also push the boundaries of vitreous china design to new levels with more contemporary forms. 

Windsor.jpg (original size)The highly sculptural Windsor is a collaboration with Italian design house Pininfarina.

Ascot.jpg (original size)Ascot features clean lines perfect for modern homes.

Richmond.jpg (original size)Richmond basin stands out with its novel asymmetrical bowl in a quaint leaf shape.

The Hillingdon easily stands out with its suave contours, which boast an elegant, luxurious touch. Its double roll rim and soft edges – which is its signature trait – adds an intriguing feel to any bathroom.

And then there is Windsor. A highly sculptural design created in conjunction with one of the world’s most famous design houses in Italy, Pininfarina, which makes a statement wherever it is, thanks to its bold, flowing forms. 

Homeowners who prefer simpler aesthetics would appreciate Ascot, whose trendy slimline rim results in an inner bowl of generous proportions across each piece; a design aspect that is highly welcomed. 

Even more popular is the soft, square design of Richmond that has emerged as one of the brand’s bestsellers. It is easy to see why: its exquisite, asymmetric structure makes a visual impact without shouting.

Plus, it has the widest range of pieces among all Silverdale collections, making it a versatile bathroom solution.

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