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Homes Table Manners: 4 Malaysian Brands For Easy, Stylish Table Settings

Table Manners: 4 Malaysian Brands For Easy, Stylish Table Settings

Curated flower arrangements from Saudagar General Store
Curated flower arrangements from Saudagar General Store
By Jennifer Choo
March 29, 2021
Eating in is the new eating out and when you have company over, these are your go-to local brands to create a table setting that will wow your guests


Batik Boutique table linens feature modern batik prints
Batik Boutique table linens feature modern batik prints

The art of batik need not be confined to our persons, celebrate this heritage craft on our tables with Batik Boutique . Chic and modern, the patterns are designed by local batik and graphic designers which is then translated on elegant table linens by this award-winning social enterprise.

Collaboration is at the core of Batik Boutique's efforts, from working with artisans to help them digitise their batik blocks to assisting them with sampling and mock-ups. The team also works closely on the colour mixing of the dyes used and research global market trends to help educate and test new designs and colour-schemes that will do well internationally. 

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Blue Nautical Fern reversible placemats
Batik table runner - Grey Banana Leaf
Tan Bunga reversible placemats

Our belief is that Malaysian batik is for the world, and we aim to expand our company and cause at a global level to make Malaysia proud of our heritage and future in batik.

Choose from placemats, table runners, coaster and napkins made from 100 per cent natural cotton. Each piece is handmade by Malaysian artisans using a wax-resist brush technique. Many of the items are also reversible for maximum versatility and in striking colour ways. Maintenance is fuss free with all items being machine washable. Best of all every piece is truly unique as each piece is hand-drawn and hand-painted and profits go towards supporting the next generation of Batik artisans.  

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Saudagar General Store

Extravagant peonies are irressistable
Extravagant peonies are irressistable

Wondermilk founder, Ifzan Ibrahim, has a refined eye for aesthetics and through his business, Saudagar General Store, he turns his love for flowers into stunning bouquets of flowers ranging from peonies to desert flowers. Even from a young age, Ibrahim remembers his late mum decorating their home with lots of flowers and plants but after being particularly impressed by the florist who did the flowers for his wedding in Japan, he decided to learn how to do it himself. On his trips to Japan with his family to visit the in-laws, Ibrahim would enrol in short day courses with said florist from 2013. 

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Lushly curated wildflowers
Ibrahim likes reusing bottles as vases
Small blooms to cheer up little corners

Today Saudagar General Store offers weekly flowers, bespoke bouquets and monthly subscriptions, as well as Young Living essential oils which are flowers and plant based. The blooms, sourced from Netherlands, South Africa, Ecuador, Kenya, China, Korea and Malaysia, are meticulously curated so the arrangements look absolutely effortless. Custom arrangements are possible and if requested, Ibrahim can source suitable vases. Currently, Ibrahim also supplies commercial clients such as KLoe Hotel and offers dried arrangements on top of fresh flowers for a lasting decoration.


Mallea Pilsner
Mallea Pilsner
Mallea Shot Glass Pair
Mallea Shot Glass Pair

While pewter may not seem the most obvious choice for tableware, beloved heritage brand, Royal Selangor's latest tableware ranges makes a convincing case for diversifying your collection. The sleek modern forms of Mallea are influenced by early Scandinavian industrial design and feature a series of decorative controlled folds on the fine pewter. Comprising of pilsners, shot glasses, tumblers and bowls, each exquisitely detailed piece has a soft warmth compared to the cold sterility of aluminium or steel. What's more, the pieces will take on a beautifully subdued patina when aged.

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Frost decanter
Frost carafe and glasses with coasters

Inspired by the ethereal beauty of ice, Royal Selangor's Frost collection features scalloped surfaces which echo the glowing faceted interior of ice caves. This inspiration is abstracted into a repetitive motif manifested onto pewter band encircling decanters and carafes. The glasses are especially novel as the geometrically etched pewter collar not only complements the glasses' angular  profile, it was designed to act as a cooling coaster. Just chill said coaster in the freezer for three to four hours, and the chilled coaster should then keep your drink sufficiently cool for up to 2 hours. 

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Rainforest collection
Rainforest collection

Founded by Muhammad Iqbal bin Awang, Bangkita offers handmade ceramic tableware inspired by nature. Unlike his painter father, the second generation artist decided to pursue a career in handicrafts and decorative items before focussing on tableware in 2014. Now, Bangkita has their own studio in Telok Panglima Garang, Selangor, where they produce a variety of products such as plates, bowls, cups, and vases which are so lovely they can be displayed when not fulfilling their function. Iqbal's artistic background is evident in the sensual application of brushstrokes design, splashes and colour lines.

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Orange & Black strokes
Green & Black strokes

Bangkita's earthy colour palette heavily references the environment although design wise, Iqbal's artistic background is evident in the sensual application of brushstrokes design, splashes and color lines.

Iqbal further explains that the colour used in the particular collection usually depends on the season or the environment that surrounds the artisans during the crafting process making. Sometimes, collections also pay homage to festivals and celebrations. 

Most of Bangkita's business comes from supplying custom tableware for cafes, restaurants, and hotels but you can pick up your favourite sets at their retail store at Kedai KL, MAHSA Avenue. 

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