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Wellness Aman Launches New Wellness Brand, SVA

Aman Launches New Wellness Brand, SVA

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By Chloe Pek
By Chloe Pek
September 22, 2020
SVA will offer Chinese herbal formulas, micronutrient supplements, and botanical tonics for everyday health

Luxury hotel, resort and spa brand Aman is best known for its focus on health, offering wellness experiences at its restorative retreats across the globe. From tailored programmes at the resorts to self-care products for your home, Aman’s wellness philosophy emphasises on personalisation, privacy and seclusion, sharing the holistic outlooks of ancient systems like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine—the balance between mind, body and spirit.

Now, following the success of Aman Skincare’s launch in April, Aman is expanding its holistic wellness offerings with SVA—a new brand of holistic formulas and supplements to aid you in maintaining optimum health in your daily life and continue your wellness journey outside of the retreats.

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Derived from the Sanskrit word for health, Svathya, which signifies the universal wisdom of staying (stha) true to one’s own self (sva), SVA combines traditional wisdom with contemporary science and nutrition to create natural and sustainable formulas for immunity, digestion, circulation and mental health. Three ranges have been developed—Chinese Herbal Formulas, Micronutrient Supplements, and Botanical Tonics—with the former two to be launched first and the latter to follow later this year.

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The Chinese Herbal Formulas range takes inspiration from the fundamentals of traditional medicine to target the imbalanced elements and organs and support their positive function with carefully selected herbs. Formulas include Balance, Vitality, Uplift, Calm, Immune Support, Nourish, as well as SVA’s signature product, Respiratory Support—a hero formula developed to maintain a healthy respiratory system in times of seasonal stress, such as when exposed to colds and flu.

SVA’s Micronutrient Supplements are developed with a contemporary scientific approach, created in partnership with industry leader Biogena with high-quality raw ingredients that provide essential vitamins and nutrients to the mind and body. Administered in the form of capsules, the range includes Digestion, Heart & Brain Function, Immune Defence, Liver Detox, Relax & Sleep, and Resilience for the maintenance of health and immunity in your daily lives, especially for those leading busy lifestyles.

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Chinese Herbal Formulas and Micronutrient Supplements are now available online at SVA, Aman, and select Aman Spas.


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