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Toys The Best New Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

The Best New Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

The Best New Features Of The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2
By Rachel Wibisana
September 26, 2020
The latest software update brings new health, communication, and connectivity features to the Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Running Analysis 2 & VO 2 Max

The new Running Analysis 2 feature offers a variety of detailed metrics, such as asymmetry, regularity, stiffness, vertical oscillation and ground contact time to help you improve performance and reduce injury. In addition, users can measure VO 2 max that tracks the maximum amount of oxygen a person can utilise during intense exercise, which proves useful in determining one's fitness and performance capacity.

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Fall Detection

The brand new Fall Detection feature puts one's mind at ease with its SOS notification upon detection of a potential fall. It can send this notification to four pre-determined contacts, ensuring a speedy response and assuring that help is never far away.

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Smart Reply

The new Smart Reply feature provides users with suggested responses for both messages and images, complemented with advanced photo recognition technology to enable quick replies when in a hurry. Also, upon receiving messages, your watch automatically shows your chat history, instead of just a single message. Gone is the need to switch between devices as you can do more from your wrist as notifications for emoticons and photos can now also be handled without the phone. In fact, you can send both AR Emoji Stickers and Bitmoji Stickers straight from your watch.

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Scroll Capture & Seamless Music Experience

The Galaxy Watch Active2's scroll capture feature allows users to take a screenshot from your smartwatch and have it automatically sent to your smartphone. You will also have instant access to your music playlist, keeping you in tune and empowering a seamless music experience.

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