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Toys The Long-Awaited BMW X2 Crossover Is Finally Unveiled

The Long-Awaited BMW X2 Crossover Is Finally Unveiled

The Long-Awaited BMW X2 Crossover Is Finally Unveiled
By AFP Relaxnews
October 31, 2017
Combining the features of a SUV with those of a passenger vehicle, the X2 crossover proves to be sleeker and more affordable than its BMW X Series predecessors.

BMW kicked things off back in 1999 with the X5, but at the time it's hard to believe anyone foresaw how crossovers of all shapes, sizes and prices would become the hits they are today for the world's automakers. And BMW turned out to be something of a visionary in this area as it was a pioneer when it came to the SUV coupe format when it introduced the X6 in 2008. Some observers didn't see the point of the X6 at the time, but buyers loved it, so surely this more affordable X2 will be even more successful?

The X2 looks a lot like an X1 with a fastback roofline, although the X2 emphasizes its sportier credentials by being 3.2 inches shorter than the X1, and perhaps more importantly, 2.8 inches lower. However, the wheelbase remains identical.

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Photo: Courtesy of BMW
Photo: Courtesy of BMW

Perhaps somewhat surprisingly in the current climate, it appears the only model that will be available at first will be the diesel-powered X2 xDrive20d, which will produce 190 horsepower and 400 Nm of torque. This all-wheel drive powertrain will be good for a 0-62 mph time of 7.7 seconds, a top speed of 137 mph, and a combined fuel-economy rating of 61.4 mpg.

Further variants will be offered from early in 2018, which will include the X2 sDrive20i, X2 sDrive18d and the X2 xDrive18d.

Although much more affordable than the larger X6, the X2 still won't come cheap. In the UK the X2 xDrive20d has a recommended retail price of £33,980. Prices for other models, including the highly desirable M Sport variants, have yet to be revealed.

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