The Technogym Artis is set to whip you back in shape


February 6, 2017 | BY Jessica Liew

Designed with an integrated collection of cardio, strength and functional training equipment, this state-of-the-art collection unlocks your fittest body yet. 

Now that the festive season of indulgences and excesses have peaked, along with the discovery of a few added kilograms on the weighing scale, it’s time to get cracking on your 2017  fitness resolutions.

 Entering into a new cycle of work puts time constraints on hitting the gym so why not bring the gym to your home instead? With the Technogym Artis collection, all fitness needs are covered. The new generation, first ever fully integrated collection is designed to redefine the way you workout in the space around you.

 Developed by the Technogym Village Scientific Research Department, Artis reproduces natural body movements, and recreates that euphoria that comes with exercising. Whether you’re looking to get back into shape, keep active, or gain strength, here’s how the Artis collection can put your fitness back on track.

Cardio companionedit club_webuse_ARTIS+all_image_x_all_x_25566.jpg(source)

From traditional to innovative self-adaptive total body movements, there are five units of the blood pumping, Artis Cardio collection. The Vario, Recline, Run, Bike and Synchro engage you in different workouts that you can quickly customise via different fast track controls.

 Strong and steadyedit club_webuse_ARTIS+all_image_x_all_x_(03)_25568.jpg(source)

Target the desired muscles with the Artis Strength collection’s 19 selectorised units, offering the ideal pieces of equipment for specific parts. The collection does away with the number of pulleys and the stress on cables, directly transmits weight stack resistance on the levers, and is outfitted with ergonomic handgrips, ensuring a quality workout and longer equipment life.

Form and functionedit club__ARTIS+all_image_x_all_x_(36)_20339_20537.jpg(source)

All bodies perform differently, and the Artis Functional collection responses to this with intuitive functional strength of six equipment. Patented with a FullGravity Technology, resistance is varied, and allows activation of individual muscles that help you align with training goals.

Sleek and sensible edit club__ARTIS+all_image_x_all_x_(5)_20135_20544.jpg(source)

Opting for a sleek, seamless and elegant design, the collections with a frameless geometry allow and encourage users to move with ease and a quiet harmony. Designed from the highest ergonomic and biochemical standards, progress is kept on track via connectivity technology. Yes, you’re looking at the best training experience. 

 User connection edit club_socialcover_ARTIS+all_image_x_all_x_(03)_25564.jpg(source)

Training only gets better with the Artis User Interfaces. Technogym’s Unity, a touch tablet-interface, provides a wholly personal experience in terms of training and entertainment selections. Unlimited web browsing, live video calls, and social media accounts are a member ID away. Further, training data is tracked via mobile devices and returned with personalised feedback and training results.

 World-class ambassadorsedit club_socialcover_ARTIS+all_image_x_all_x_(04)_25565.jpg(source)

When you know that Ferrari Formula One drivers and world-class athletes swear by Technogym’s state-of-the-art equipment, you know that your Artis workouts are in good hands. Sportsmen, international soccer teams and Olympians are some of the fittest people in the world who owe it to the wellness company.

 Wellness warrioredit club_socialcover_ARTIS+all_image_x_all_x_25562.jpg(source)

Speaking of wellness, that’s what Technogym has emphasised all along. Physical activity, healthy diets and positive mental approaches have been the company’s philosophy for over two decades. Technogym has also been recognised for high design quality, having bagged international awards along the way.

 Whatever your fitness goals or workout preferences, Technogym’s Artis collection has you covered and pumps your body with an adrenaline that only comes with achieving your best body and wellness. 

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