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Travel 'Camperneering' And Private Jet Tours: Top Luxury Travel Trends In 2018

'Camperneering' And Private Jet Tours: Top Luxury Travel Trends In 2018

'Camperneering' And Private Jet Tours: Top Luxury Travel Trends In 2018
By Kissa Castaneda
February 28, 2018
From glamping to increasingly popular private jet tours, these are the hottest luxury travel trends of 2018.

1/6 Glamping on the rise

Photo: Courtesy of Saruni Samburu
Photo: Courtesy of Saruni Samburu

The demand for adventurous experiences has made glamping (glamorous camping) very popular in all corners of the world. From traditional tented lodges in Africa to rugged log cabins up in the Alps, to modern-day camps such as Hoshinoya Fuji in Japan, travellers are looking to connect with nature via a grown-up take on camping.

Here's a twist on the trend: luxury tour operator Lightfoot Travel predicts that "camperneering"—travelling in luxurious camper vans—will be a hit in 2018, especially in destinations like Bolivia. 

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2/6 Private air expeditions take flight

Photo: Courtesy of Aman Tokyo
Photo: Courtesy of Aman Tokyo

Sometimes, first class just isn't enough for cash-rich, time-poor high-flyers. In such cases, perhaps a private jet that follows a bespoke itinerary will do. For example, the newly-launched Crystal Air Cruises—the world’s largest private jet fitted with stunning interiors and comes with butlers and executive chefs on board.

The Aman group, which celebrates its 30th anniversary this year, also offers a 22-day private jet expedition departing April 2018. It hops from one Aman to the next, stopping in countries such as Greece, Italy, India, Japan and Bhutan. 

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3/6 Achievement-based travel 

Photo: Courtesy of Walk Japan
Photo: Courtesy of Walk Japan

These days, immersing oneself in a different culture and embracing everything local is a given. Go the extra mile by including goal-setting into your holiday, suggests Jacada Travel, a Hong Kong- and London-based company that creates tailor-made luxury holidays.

Whether it’s climbing a mountain, going on a hike (try Walk Japan’s curated itineraries that take you through Japan's hidden gems) or embarking on a multi-city cycling tour, incorporating a physical challenge allows you to see another side of a destination and of yourself. 

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4/6 Homes as hotels, hotels as homes

Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb
Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Travellers are always looking for a place to call their own, so why not give them actual homes? Credit goes to Airbnb for the growing "domestication" of accommodation, because now, even hoteliers are striving to infuse a residential feel to their biggest properties.

While the sharing economy has brought strangers closer together, there's a growing population who value more information. New travel player Stay One Degree, a social network for private luxury home rentals where homeowners and renters are known to each other, aims to remove the unknown from the equation so both parties can relax in peace. 

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5/6 Personalised pop-up holidays 

Photo: Courtesy of Blink by Black Tomato
Photo: Courtesy of Blink by Black Tomato

Judging from the popularity of pop-up restaurants, impermanence is here to stay. It's understandable: we're hard-wired to desire what's limited in supply...even more so when we have a hand in creating it.

That's exactly what travel company Blink by Black Tomato offers—a chance for guests to design their own accommodation wherever they wish, resulting in the rarest of holidays. According to Blink, they create pop-up experiences in "locations so private and untouched that no one else will have stayed there before and never will again in the same way."

6/6 Cruising becomes cool again

Photo: Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection
Photo: Courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection

Hardcore cruisers insist that there's a ship and cruise for everyone. Looking at the breadth of what's available, we're inclined to agree. The newest ships of luxury operators such as Silversea have upped the ante, especially in terms of design and food, while there are plenty of characterful private yachts available for charter.

Luxury hotel brands are also plunging into the cruise market—Belmond's luxury barges sail through France (with itineraries made for wine lovers) and The Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection debuts in 2019 (reservations open this May). 

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