Vallette Gallery and Maison Francaise's art exhibition of delicious proportions


November 11, 2015 | BY Karmun Ng

This first joint exhibition between gallery and restaurant shines the spotlight on 2 master Malaysian painters, Lim Kim Hai and Loo Foh Sang.

Vallette Gallery is proud to announce its first collaboration with French restaurant Maison Francaise with an exhibition of two master Malaysian painters, Lim Kim Hai and Loo Foh Sang.

Lim Kim Hai, Golden Joy, oil on canvas, 2011, 150x150cm

Although conceived as two separate solo exhibitions, look forward to identifying a single common theme in both artists’ work – both have a long, fruitful and personal history with France and the French culture.

Lim Kim Hai, a graduate from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, considers the apple his long time muse. To him, the fruit is humble yet elegant, resultantly rich in a symbolism both personal and cultural. Lim’s works has pay close attention to light and form, shadow and space, that reveal both our capacity for individuality and as a group. 

Loo Foh Sang, who also graduated from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts in Singapore, is a master of the monoprint. He is renowned for exploring the change of seasons, capturing the ephemeral shifting moments in light and mood using expressive impasto brushstrokes.

As within the tradition of fine cuisine, these 2 artists have long studied their métier, mastering the tools and techniques of their disciplines. Inspired by nature and its possibilities, both painters choose ingredients from their natural landscape and create work that is at once recognisable for its subject matter and simultaneously explores new perspectives. 

It is the art of combining simple and fresh ingredients through traditional techniques in new ways, meant to create conversations between fine art and fine dining. Bon appetit! 

This joint exhibition will be on show at Maison Francaise from now until 31 December 2015.

For more information on the exhibition, email or call 019 – 301 2569.

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