#WeAreMalaysiaTatler: Erwin Azizi of Blue Jackets Society


August 10, 2015 | BY Malaysia Tatler

The founder of Blue Jackets Society talks about the idea of luxury and how Tatler resonates with what he does.

When we asked Erwin Azizi, founder of the Blue Jackets Society what luxury means to him, he said “Luxury is a state of mind. More than anything else, it is a perception you have created, in terms of what luxury is all about.”

We’ve always strived to create the best in terms of this perception and now, we’ve taken another step ahead in improving it with this new layout you’re looking at right here.

What we love best about this new look is how sleek it is, how clean, how it is the epitome of beauty in simplicity. Yet, the biggest changes are only skin-deep because we’ve retained what essentially defines us – the people.

After all, our society is to us what the Blue Jackets is to Erwin.

To him, the Blue Jackets is family. In his words, “It’s not about the numbers and to a certain extent, it is not so much about the cars. It’s about people and the friendship.”

We cannot agree more because at MalaysiaTatler.com, we are all about the people and the friendship too.

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Photography: Zung The Photoz

Videography: Tyrone Wu